Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Very Little Stitching...

No photo, very little stitching this month. 

In July, I wrote about a gravestone being on my grave - but not MY gravestone.  The cemetery woman had indeed resold my grave.  Selling something that you don't own, is fraud.  Her first solution was to move ME!....  No - Hell No.  Reselling my grave and putting a stone on it - still doesn't make it your grave.  Move the stone.  So the cemetery board approved the money to move the stone about 20 feet.  It would be taken care of...  That was July 2, 2016.

In mid November 2016, I was told that stone is still on my grave.  That would be 4.5 months later and nothing had happened.  It's a long story - and I did threaten the woman with the dying husband - that if she wanted to side and defend the cemetery women - I could end this - I can make that stone just disappear.  I told her - I can't light a fire under the cemetery woman - but I can light your butt ablaze, and you've had 4.5 months, and your husband is still dying - I'm done playing - you've had more than enough time to move it - so time's up.  She said - it's being taken care of - I said, that's funny - I was told those same words 4.5 months ago...   I said if you are now defending the cemetery woman - and that she's had 4.5 month and it's not enough time - you are backing the wrong horse.  I said - I just got the names and phone numbers of all the cemetery board members - maybe you need to go around and above the cemetery woman -  would you like to copy those names and phone numbers and make a few phone calls?  She said, Yes, but since the morning would be Sunday, she really didn't think it would do much good to call anybody...  but Monday...
I said - Did you just give me an excuse of why this is going to continue to drag out?  Are you kidding me?
So Monday at 8:15 am she calls me - she has talked to everybody - and told them they will come up with a date that this will be done - today - no more excuses.  She calls me back saying it will be done by Thursday.  I then go talk to the stone moving guy at his store.  I want to hear his side off all this.  I am not mad at him - I just want the truth.  What happened to delay this?  When was he told? - and, what was he told?.  He was told July 2 that it had to be moved - that she had marked the wrong grave to put the stone on....  Oh, that's the lie - right there.  She marked the grave she sold - and you put the stone on the grave she marked.  And now she wants to say - oops, silly me, I marked the wrong grave.  It's sounds better than - I sold something that was already sold, and she won't move- and it's fraud and I was caught - and I didn't think she'd have a receipt - but she does.

But I tell him exactly that, and I understand his point of view - he's a busy guy - and this was the thing he had to do - without an actual dead person.  He is the sexton at 6 or more other cemeteries in this area, selling graves and meeting those people on a moments notice,  plus selling gravestones.  He would be marking where to dig graves and put stones in those cemeteries.  Cemetery woman was going out of town for the 4th of July and she had to mark where to put it.  She said, I'll do it after I get back - and he said - fine - call me then.  And she didn't .  Not for a couple months, and then it was back on his to do list - and it flooded here - and then it fell off his list.  I can see that happening.  He's busy enough that you would have to remind him, or check back with him.  And I have no problem that if the choice is to go mark a grave to be dug - or moving a headstone - you go mark the grave first.  From time to time - I'm the person that needed the grave dug.  I didn't go in there yelling - I said I just wanted the truth - not mad - he put the stone where she marked - that is his job.  I did not know that he was/is the sexton at all those other places.  Funny thing is - my uncle is a gravedigger at those other cemeteries, so he knows him.  My uncle has dug 1000 graves.   That was his goal and he just made that goal and he has kept a list of those people over the years.  And he hand digs the graves.  Always has.

It was that Monday I talked to him and he said that the stone owner woman had called him, Cemetery woman had called him, and a cemetery board member had called him - and I showed up in his store.  He told me he would move it Wednesday.  The next day - Tuesday - I go to the cemetery and he is there and pouring the new base and resetting that stone into the wet cement.  I watched him finish.  Then I drove to the stone owner woman and I said, it's done - I watched them, I know it's done.  That I would not have made her stone disappear - it would have been terrible karma - she didn't deserve this - and neither did I - but it had to be taken care of, it's going to freeze, it was now, or spring.  So I pushed you hard - I'm sorry - but it had to be done.  And it turns out - if you are pushed and call on a Monday - by Tuesday at 5 pm and dark - it's done.  And it cost them $600 to move that stone.  And cemetery woman took more than 4.5 months and nothing moved, and when I pushed you - it was done in two days.  But I should not have had to push at all.  She said she told the board member that Cemetery woman probably should not be in charge.  But the board members just say - she's still learning.  They actually think that there is nobody else willing to do it, so they keep her.  But that's the longer part of the story.

But I have MY grave back.  And I learned lots of things.  And I know I was supposed to talk to Harold and I skipped that part the first time.   But I did talk to him this time.  He told me wonderful stories - things that were important for me to hear.  And if all of this had gotten fixed the first time - I don't get to hear those stories.  And I don't talk to the stone guy - and he took the time to show me cemetery grave maps and how the graves are recorded when sold at other cemeteries.  Which would be something most people never see.  But things I find interesting and love to see and learn about.

Yep, my life is weird - but if you get to see things and hear things that are about things you love to see and hear about - it's all good.  But I really didn't want to push a woman with a dying husband.
But not right that she would buy a grave and stone - and find out  about me - and then it's not just taken care of - so he dies before spring - and she has to put him on the shelf - because nobody pushed to move a stone before winter and before he dies....
All this never happens if when she went to record that she had sold the grave in the book and map and index cards - and she hits my name - she stops - but SHE kept pushing - he will die and be in that grave - nobody will make them move then.  They won't have a receipt - or proof - I can erase the card - I can lie - they would have to have a receipt and I can see on the stone next to that grave - she has been dead 5 years - the receipt would be 15 years old - it's gone - it's lost....
But the main thing she's forgetting all the time - Harold's not dead.  Talking to Harold - he told me he remembers that day.  I said I certainly do too - my dad had just died - my mom and I were there to pick out graves.  But I know that part of that was my mom asking - am I buying two graves or three?  And we talked about it in front of you.  But it would be a detail, and I would not expect you to remember that detail.  He then tells me, that he kept a log of the checks he deposited, the names, dates, and amount of the check.  So he would have just needed to see - was it for $600, or $900, two or three.  See, I didn't need a receipt at all - all I needed was Harold.  She doesn't know he has proof.
Harold already knew that a headstone was on the wrong grave, and was going to have to be moved.  But not who's grave.  And I don't know those people - they would consider me a nobody.  But Harold has known me 50 years - not well, but he told me days into this - when I showed up to talk to him - he said - I just knew I was supposed to help you. 
And he did. 
But that's another story.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All the way around...

I took a photo with a highligher, and a nickel, and a quarter.  It gives a better sense of size and scale.
Photo without the extra things.  The sides aligned, and when I took the side to meet across - it matched up - the pattern is a bit odd there, but it IS the pattern.  I could logically still be off - but not know it yet.  I'm still enjoying stitching it.   Things are good - but I am ignoring things I need to be doing.  If you never leave the sofa - you never see the things that are a real mess. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Four Corners

That's four corners.  Crossing my fingers that the sides will line up when they come together.  There are things you don't check till you are having a good day.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hard to notice...

Maybe this is five floss used.  At least 5 might be the better way to say it.  This was hours and hours of stitching, and on this photo, like when I clean my house, unless you know where to look - it's hard to notice.  It's still fun to stitch.

The garage roof is now done.  They clean out the gutters.  I asked them to recycle the old extra shingles, and they did, which is something else out of the house.  I turned a year older the next day. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Corner

I made it to the top corner. It is 16.25 x 12.5 inches corner to corner.  I am trying to keep track of the floss I have used - but I might have miscounted that already.  Just feeling like a disorganized mess.  I know it doesn't really matter how much I have used, which is a good thing because I can't count to five or six I guess.  I can laugh about it, and in a world of people with real problems - it doesn't matter.  Just happy to be able to stitch away.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Just a redo of my post -

I'm still stitching away and into that top row of pages.  Working to that next corner.

My house roof was done today - and I think they did a nice job.  The garage will be done Monday - they started my house at 8am - and were done and cleaned up by 2:45 pm, so done in a single day.  Six guys I think. 

I had to update my old 2G phones since they are updating the towers.  I really liked my old simple phones that played mp3's, and did text, and was just a phone.  I bought a $50 on sale smart phone, two actually.  And what should have been an easy transfer was a huge pain.  I last time was talking to customer service in Guyana in South America.  This time I was dealing with customer service in the Philippines.   They were nice - but I was on the phone for 2 hours straight because they transferred my number but did not move my minutes or end date.  Which was 4 months and 3800 minutes on one phone and 3300 minutes on the other phone.  I don't use the phone that much, I'm old.  Now I have a $50 smartphone, well two actually.  They work finally - but it should have been one call per phone to do this - it was two days and at least four hours with customer service.  And since the phone is smarter than I am - I will probably only be using the new phone even less.  And I have one or two bars of signal - my old phones show 4 bars - so I'm sure I have not felt the end of this frustration yet.

Here is a great quote - found in an AARP magazine from a couple months ago...
Quote :

When we started Apple, Steve Jobs and I talked about how we wanted to make blind people as equal and capable as sighted people, and you'd have to say we succeeded when you look at all the people walking down the sidewalk looking down at something in their hands and totally oblivious to everything around them.

Steve Wozniak

Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Corner is done

A second corner is complete, so all the way across the width now.  Still have a row of pages to go up yet.  Not quite through the fourth floss.

Went to the yearly electrical company meeting.  They have a free lunch, and door prizes.  I take a woman that is now 88 years old, and tiny.  Meaning breakable.  Her heart is only at 37%, her health is not great, but she likes to go to this meeting.  So last year we did not go, but did the several years before that.  They also give away 30 - $25 off your bill prizes, and they give a gift for just showing up - and this year it was bbq tools.  She won the 15th $25 off your bill.  She said she felt bad I did not win, but then I won the 23rd $25 off my bill.  So we both won.  Free lunch, bbq tools, we each won $25 off the next bill, and a really nice ink pen that sparkles.  That was a good day.  And I got her home without breaking her.  A couple hundred people show up, so we beat the odds if we both won.
She tells me stories, her sister-in-law was getting groceries and as they loaded the car, she went to get into the car while her son was on the other side of the car.  They think she stepped on a stone and lost her balance, and fell.  Broke her hip in the grocery store parking lot.  Then she talked about her high school class reunion.  Her 70th high school class reunion.  She said 7 people came to the reunion.  I asked, how many people were in your class?  100.  Okay, but more than 7 are still alive, but only 7 came.  But she added, there was a woman that set it up, contacted and planned it all.  Then the planning woman forgot it was that day, and forgot to go to the actual event.  Which is really funny in a horrible way.