Monday, September 26, 2016

A little here, a little there...

No rhyme or reason to which direction.  That is almost the side to the left, just missing a 2 stitch wide box border.  And I still have to go up a full page yet.  I am well into the third floss.   

The town is waiting for the flood crest predicted now at 23 feet, and we are at 21 feet now.  Flood stage is 12 feet.  I am on high ground, but the grown kids of my friend have been evacuated.  News coverage is limited.  I think they finally realized that people come gawk if they show too much.  They have night curfews, National Guard, no school for the kids for three days.  Gas lines have been cut off to housing in areas likely to flood.  And the power grid was changes so if one area went underwater, it wouldn't take four more not underwater with it.  That 23 to 25 foot mark can flood level is an interesting level.  Levees are at that 22 foot mark - so at this point - they are still not sure what will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours.  In the past - they have been proud to say that nobody has been hurt.  Nobody has died.  Their goal is to say that again.  I am just stitching and staying out of the way.  The rest of the city is just trying to say - business as usual - so it's a bit disjointed. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Still Fun Stitching

Still fun stitching.  You can lay a regular sheet of paper on top and cover it all completely.

The local news has flood warnings.  The river will flood over 12 feet, and they expect to see the 24 foot mark.  Saying right now that Sunday through Thursday they expect to be above the 12 foot mark.  So it will be time to get groceries today.  At 5 am Friday we are at the 10 foot mark. It rained 10 inches in 24 hours north of me.  And it keeps raining.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The first skein...

The photos sure are not accurate for color.  This is with a flash, so it's too light, the last photo was too dark.  It's a material that is most like a white something that has been mixed in with the color loads enough that it's now no longer white at all.

This is three pattern pages wide and a full page tall.  I am just a few strands past that first full skein of dmc floss.  It's still fun and relaxing so far, but there's a long ways to go yet. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Start So Far...

Here is the beginning of Death By Cross Stitch.
From the left lion over to the edge is a page width, from that squirrel tail to the left is another page width.  I am not quite to the top of the page yet.  I'm already fussy about which back stitches to omit, or just plain change.  Fill in the parts I like till I feel inspired I guess.  At that point the piece will have 'weight', and I can start to feel balance.  But that left to right measurement is 6.5 inches and 4 inches upward in this photo. 

Life is a bit like swimming in molasses lately.  It just takes hours and days to do one thing.  It's to the point of being absurd.  I just keep trying, but seriously - I would not hire me to do anything.  It's laughable, and I'm trying to laugh about it.  I know there are people around me with real problems.  So I am happy that my only problem is that I'm not making progress in the things I need to do.  I AM making progress, but I'm am the snail or the turtle in this race - and I do keep trying. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016


A Finish!

Stitched on 25 count black lugana. 
Finished size is 7.75 x 10.25 inches.
Used 6 skeins of Weeks Dye Works floss - Whiskey is the color name -  each are 5 yard - so just under 30 yards total.
Stitched one over one.  

And I started the next stitching - that huge Long Dog Sampler - Death By Cross Stitch.  I'm stitching it on 28 count jobelan China Pearl with dmc 310 black floss, one over one.  It should finish at 13 x 16 inches.  I wanted to make a copy of the pattern to stitch from and mark on, and my printer would NOT make copies, it's not the first time, so a new printer will be delivered tomorrow.  With enough extra ink to not run out in the middle of winter.

I have been at the point that I look at my house, which to be nice is 'cluttered'.  Okay,  there are piles of crap everywhere.  So I am trying to toss things weekly as my garbage day goal.  The space that is created by tossing one thing filled with something else that was piled in a chair since last Thanksgiving in the first round.  But there were two bags of vhs tapes that left.  I took 5 printers and a scanner and keyboard to the recycle place at the landfill after ordering the replacement printer.  The desk telephone stopped working, the computer mouse broke.  I had a spare phone, the mouse replacement was ordered.  Fix, Repair, Replace is indeed the trend this year.  But it's breaking at a speed that allows me to not feel overwhelmed.  I replace the computer battery today.  Like some of us, it didn't remember what the time was, what the date was, what year it was.  So my computer is back together again after days.  And working... most importantly.  But I look around thinking - okay what's going to break next?  And I pick up a little around the computer and make it a bit less of a pile and clutter but far from organized.  It wasn't created in a day, it won't get better in a day either.  I alway just say - it's a start. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

And then there were Stitches...

And then there were stitches....

I FINALLY picked back up my stitching again and stitched.  There are 12 circles - and I finished a circle that was mostly done - and I've entered into the next circle.  There was hoop movement. 

But to stitch on black fabric after not stitching for months - good grief - and who keeps making the fabric holes harder to see?  Oh, crap, I'm getting older.  I had broke the stitching pattern fast of not buying anything and ordered the Long Dog Sampler - that really big and newest one.  It came in the mail today - so that might explain exactly why I picked up my stitching last night...  guilt - pure guilt.  Like cleaning the house right before you know company is coming. 

All kidding aside - it WAS really nice to just stitch again.   I have three partial circles to finish, and one full circle of the 12 circles in the design to do.  A photo soon - hopefully a FINISH photo.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Some years have themes. 
This is the year of repairs.
The dripping shower...  that was fine. 
Then about 10 days later while I was in the middle of a shower, lather in the hair, soapy body, the water main in the street two streets over burst.  I smelled like coconut, but it was kind of nice.  And most importantly, I was not mad, it was something that was not going to be my checkbook paying to fix.  So when the water person said - we just sent a crew, it might be 12-15 hours - I explained - I was the woman all soapy in the shower as that water trickled to nothing - but it's your problem and something I do not have to pay to fix- it's fine - I'm good. 

Then the car battery was screwing up the car like it was a version of Linda Blair in the Exorcist.  I have my mom's car as a spare car for just this reason - and it had a dead battery too.  So I now have two new car batteries. 

And that night I was talking to an old co-worker asking him to measure car battery voltages - my next door neighbor got robbed - so did I happen to notice anything?  Well, no, but sort of...  nothing helpful...  But I had been having a slight pity party for myself.  Yeah, the cars were both dead, I'd need a ride - I'm tired of fixing things myself, miss having a man around at times...  and then my neighbor shows up about 15 minutes later to tell me their house had a breakin, and things were taken.   Okay, pity party over, at least  I was not robbed. 

Then the gutters were clogged, and the gutter pulled away from my house in about an 8 foot section outside my bedroom window.  So that had to be fixed - and gutters cleaned out, and I wanted extra hangers added, not one for one, but like adding better bra supports - I wanted that gutter to stay up there.  And I looked into gutter covers to stop the gutters from clogging.  But they said - if you are getting a new roof - you need to do that first.  Roof guys do not care about gutter covers and will destroy them - so roof first, then gutter covers. 
So I did gutter rehanging - and cleaning and extra support.  And I tipped that guy $20, which I told him was probably a rare thing for women to tip the gutter guy - but I know and had told him - that I was sending him in to an area with poison ivy - so I've just stopped scratching my adventures with that poison ivy.  But he did what I needed - which made my day - so tipping him was my way to make his day - and it took him 2.5 hours and it takes my friend 30 minutes - so I know he did more, and it was exactly what I wanted done.  Extra hangers and all.

And I hired the roofer.  His dad roofed my mom's house for me.  So now that dad is retired and the son took over.  I gave him my estimate from 3 years ago - asking if he could get close to that price - and it was $100 more now, and again, he will do it the way I want it done - I don't want a ridge vent and he will not put in a ridge vent.  So I signed up for him to do it, and in 4-6 weeks, that will be done by early October, so not the hottest part of the year for the guys working, and yet should get a hot day or two to get things to stick down good.  And then I'll call to get the guy to put on the better gutter cover which is a third guy.  I liked his covers best, but he did not want to add the extra hangers I wanted - so I paid the other company twice as much and tipped the actual guy because they were willing to do exactly what I wanted done.  I'm always willing to listen to what they have to tell me.  I know they have seen more examples and what doesn't work that other people have done.  But I know my house, and it's got to be with some knowledge from both sides.  So I ask everybody I know from people that have had the same thing done - to the guy from my past that builds houses. 

Yeah, a gutter falling off my house was an excuse to call that old former boyfriend and catch up, while getting his opinion about gutters and roofing.  He's married - it was a nice, how are you doing, I need your opinion and advice conversation.  But it was nice to catch up. 

And there was another guy I have been distracted by since March - but it's really weird.  It's not a dating relationship, but I wondered about that for a while.  It's sort of a funny thing.  When my dad died, my mom and I went through things and tossed things.  And I found an old magazine that felt special.  That was 2001,  But it was like a digest of photography.  But I looked it up on Ebay - no real value, but it might be special or important was the feeling.  I'm sure my mom would have let me take it home, but I did not ask for anything when my dad died in 2000.  But I asked her not to throw it away.  But with my mom - who knows, doing that might make her toss it.  But in 2011, she dies, and then everything is mine, but it takes a couple more years till I see it again, and now it just feels special - I have to keep it, it doesn't glow - but it's that feeling - it's special now - gotta go home with me - it's important.  So I keep it.  Waiting for somebody to talk to me about it.  It's like having the glass slipper - but that's sort of a weird idea for a magazine type old digest.  It's nothing special - it's just a feeling.  So this year - which is now 15 YEARS since I first saw it and felt I had to keep it - I listen to all the Serial Podcast, Undisclosed stuff and they do Periscope videos.  That get me to look at random Periscope people and I'm told to watch this one guy in particular.  Again, it's just a feeling.  So I watch, I'm not talking to him - he can't see me even.  I'm a program glitch to him, an he's smart, but I can email him to point out - I'm not a program glitch of a miscounted number, I'm a person he can't see watching him.  I'm going to make him smarter.  But he's already Mensa smart - and I don't really want to talk to him - I don't really like him.  But then he says the word randomly that mention that stupid digest photography magazine.  Oh crap - okay, I'll email saying I'm not a glitch and I'll mention that digest.  I send it - thinking I'll never hear from this random guy - but he emails me back.  So I'm wondering why 15 years ago I've sort of been waiting to talk to this guy - a guy that is somebody I should have never met or ever talked to just randomly -
And I can sort of say - I think I've maybe been on a quest, and I'd like to talk to you to get to know you better...  but explaining that's going to sound really weird to some random guy.  Eventually, I send him the digest, and he emails saying the photos in there are exactly the kind of women he likes - but I only every looked at the digest right before sending it - what it was, or what the photo were was not important to me - finding the person it belonged to - that quest - that was the important part.  So it was actually sort of bombshell photos of really famous women - but also some nude curvy women, and women in sweaters with cleavage photos.  And that is his fetish basically, and he admits that to me.  So if that was the glass slipper for the guy I'm suppose to talk to - clearly that glass slipper fits, and this is on the ONLY guy I've ever heard say the right name in 15 years.  So I explain that to him saying - I'm not going to say which one of us is Cinderella in this story, but if that magazine is the glass slipper - it fit you didn't it???  So talk to me.
Which you can see - from just that much of the story - that's a great pick up line.  But he likes a certain fetish about women - and I'm way too out of shape to be that - and I've seen him, but he's never seen me - but he's willing to talk, and see if there's anything there we should explore - and we talked about lots of things.  But there's really nothing there.  I learned a lot.  I think we both learn things we didn't know - and I said if he was the quest, that's fine - he's unique and I'm glad to have met the unique man and talk to him and if that took me 15 years to do that - fine.  Weird, really weird, but fine.  But since talking to him - all that crazy stuff has happened - men on my roof, a headstone on my grave that is somebody else's stone - other really odd things.  So recently we've stopped talking, and from his point of view- it's got to be weird to have a woman he's never met tell him - I'm maybe supposed to talk to you - kind of sent in your direction maybe 15 years ago...  wanna talk and email and see if there's something there?  And at one point, I could know that it would be fun to make him laugh in bed - and this is something I still know - and I have no intention of ever meeting him in person.  But I told him I was fine with him calling in the middle of the night - he works - I'm awake - he called - but he has traveled the world - and he started asking me about European art and museums and Libya and Egypt and Hemingway and all at 4 am.  Now I have never traveled to Europe, have seen some of these things in books and on Periscopes, and it starts to feel like a weird game of Jeopardy at 4am, and I start to laugh hysterically - it's the funniest thing I've ever heard, because it's things he has seen - in person, which files away in your mind differently than seeing them in a book 20+ years ago and suddenly now being asked about a location.  At 4 am.  So he could clearly make me laugh while talking to me while I'm in bed. 
So it was a bit of feeling things that I know I can't explain - but also knowing I can't imagine I'm the girl for him - he's never been married - he's still looking for that ideal in his head - he's sort of Peter Pan that can't grow up.  But he's really interesting to talk to - but I'd talk to other people about him, and they all had a story tied to where he is - or to where he is from - it was just weird things over and over again.  So I finally just came to the end - I know I'm not the girl/woman for him.  I'm not going there - he's not coming here, it's a conversation we were supposed to have - not a relationship.  But it's sort of neat - but sort of disappointing.  But not many people can be given something to hold and sent to find the person to talk to - and wait 15 years till that plays out and happens. But it's not the first time I've been sent to meet or talk to somebody - he's just the first complete stranger I've been sent to, or had put in my path - or I'm put in their path.  I think it happens all the time- but most people have really busy lives - and they don't take the time to notice - to figure it out, or see it.  My life is quiet - I notice because I do not talk to many people.  But it sound weird to just try to put it into words.