Friday, August 26, 2016


Some years have themes. 
This is the year of repairs.
The dripping shower...  that was fine. 
Then about 10 days later while I was in the middle of a shower, lather in the hair, soapy body, the water main in the street two street over burst.  I smelled like coconut, but it was kind of nice.  And most importantly, I was not mad, it was something that was not going to be my checkbook paying to fix.  So when the water person said - we just send to crew, it might be 12-15 hours - I explained - I was the woman all soapy in the shower as that water trickled to nothing - but it's your problem and something I do not have to pay to fix- it's fine - I'm good. 

Then the car battery was screwing up the car like it was a version of Linda Blair in the Exorcist.  I have my mom's car as a spare car for just this reason - and it had a dead battery too.  So I now have two new car batteries. 

And the night I was talking to an old co-working asking him to measure car battery voltages - my next door neighbor got robbed - so did I happen to notice anything?  Well, no, but sort of...  nothing helpful...  But I had been having a slight pity party for myself.  Yeah, the cars were both dead, I'd need a ride - I'm tired of fixing things myself, miss having a man around at times...  and then my neighbor shows up about 15 minutes later to tell me they were broken into to.   Okay, pity party over, at least  I was not robbed. 

Then the gutters were clogged, and the gutter pulled away from my house in about an 8 foot section outside my bedroom window.  So that had to be fixed - and gutters cleaned out, and I wanted extra hangers added, not one for one, but like adding better bra supports - I wanted that gutter to stay up there.  And I looked into gutter covers to stop the gutters from clogging.  But they said - if you are getting a new roof - you need to do that first.  Roof guys do not care about gutter covers and will destroy them - so roof first, then gutter covers. 
So I did gutter rehanging - and cleaning and extra support.  And I tipped that guy $20, which I told him was probably a rare thing for women to tip the gutter guy - but I know and had told him - that I was sending him in to an area with poison ivy - so I've just stopped scratching my adventures with that poison ivy.  But he did what I needed - which made my day - so tipping him was my way to make his day - and it took him 2.5 hours and it takes my friend 30 minutes - so I know he did more, and it was exactly what I wanted done.  Extra hangers and all.

And I hired the roofer.  His dad roofed my mom's house for me.  So now that dad is retired and the son took over.  I gave him my estimate from 3 years ago - asking if he could get close to that price - and it was $100 more now, and again, he will do it the way I want it done - I don't want a ridge vent and he will not put in a ridge vent.  So I signed up for him to do it, and in 4-6 weeks, that will be done by early October, so not the hottest part of the year for the guys working, and yet should get a hot day or two to get things to stick down good.  And then I'll call to get the guy to put on the better gutter cover which is a third guy.  I liked his covers best, but he did not want to add the extra hangers I wanted - do I paid the other company twice as much and tipped the actual guy because they were willing to do exactly what I wanted done.  I'm always willing to listen to what they have to tell me.  I know they have seen more examples and what doesn't work that other people have done.  But I know my house, and it's got to be with some knowledge from both sides.  So I ask everybody I know from people that have had the same thing done - to the guy from my past that builds houses. 

Yeah, a gutter falling off my house was an excuse to call that old former boyfriend and catch up, while getting his opinion about gutters and roofing.  He's married - it was a nice, how are you doing, I need your opinion and advice conversation.  But it was nice to catch up. 

And there was another guy I have been distracted by since March - but it's really weird.  It's not a dating relationship, but I wondered about that for a while.  It's sort of a funny thing.  When my dad died, my mom and I went through things and tossed things.  And I found an old magazine that felt special.  That was 2001,  But it was like a digest of photography.  But I looked it up on Ebay - no real value, but it might be special or important was the feeling.  I'm sure my mom would have let me take it home, but I did not ask for anything when my dad died in 2000.  But I asked her not to throw it away.  But with my mom - who knows, doing that might make her toss it.  But in 2011, she dies, and then everything is mine, but it takes a couple more years till I see it again, and now it just feels special - I have to keep it, it doesn't glow - but it's that feeling - it's special now - gotta go home with me - it's important.  So I keep it.  Waiting for somebody to talk to me about it.  It's like having the glass slipper - but that's sort of a weird idea for a magazine type old digest.  It's nothing special - it's just a feeling.  So this year - which is now 15 YEARS since I first saw it and felt I had to keep it - I listen to all the Serial Podcast, Undisclosed stuff and they do Periscope videos.  That get me to look at random Periscope people and I'm told to watch this one guy in particular.  Again, it's just a feeling.  So I watch, I'm not talking to him - he can't see me even.  I'm a program glitch to him, an he's smart, but I can email him to point out - I'm not a program glitch of a miscounted number, I'm a person he can't see watching him.  I'm going to make him smarter.  But he's already Mensa smart - and I don't really want to talk to him - I don't really like him.  But then he says the word randomly that mention that stupid digest photography magazine.  Oh crap - okay, I'll email saying I'm not a glitch and I'll mention that digest.  I send it - thinking I'll never hear from this random guy - but he emails me back.  So I'm wondering why 15 years ago I've sort of been waiting to talk to this guy - a guy that is somebody I should have never met or ever talked to just randomly -
And I can sort of say - I thing I've maybe been on a quest, and I'd like to talk to you to get to know you better...  but explaining that's going to sound really weird to some random guy.  Eventually, I send him the digest, and he emails saying the photos in there are exactly the kind of women he likes - but I only every looked at the digest right before sending it - what it was, or what the photo were was not important to me - finding the person it belonged to - that quest - that was the important part.  So it was actually sort of bombshell photo of really famous women - but also some nude curvy women, and women in sweaters with cleavage photos.  And that is his fetish basically, and he admits that to me.  So if that was the glass slipper for the guy I'm suppose to talk to - clearly that glass slipper fits, and this is on the ONLY guy I've ever heard say the right name in 15 years.  So I explain that to him saying - I'm not going to say which one of us is Cinderella in this story, but if that magazine is the glass slipper - it fit you didn't it???  So talk to me.
Which you can see - from just that much of the story - that's a great pick up line.  But he likes a certain fetish about women - and I'm way too out of shape to be that - and I've seen him, but he's never seen me - but he's willing to talk, and see if there's anything there we should explore - and we talked about lots of things.  But there's really nothing there.  I learned a lot.  I think we both learn things we didn't know - and I said if he was the quest, that's fine - he's unique and I'm glad to have met the unique man and talk to him and if that took me 15 years to do that - fine.  Weird, really weird, but fine.  But since talking to him - all that crazy stuff has happened - men on my roof, a headstone on my grave that is somebody else's stone - other really odd things.  So recently we've stopped talking, and from his point of view- it's got to be weird to have a woman he's never met tell him - I'm maybe supposed to talk to you - kind of sent in your direction maybe 15 years ago...  wanna talk and email and see if there's something there?  And at one point, I could know that it would be fun to make him laugh in bed - and this is something I still know - and I have no intention of ever meeting him in person.  But I told him I was fine with him calling in the middle of the night - he works - I'm awake - he called - but he has travelled the world - and he started asking me about European art and museums and Libya and Egypt and Hemingway and all at 4 am.  Now I have never travelled to Europe, have seen some of these things in books and on Periscopes, and it starts to feel like a weird game of Jeopardy at 4am, and I start to laugh hysterically - it's the funniest thing I've ever heard, because it's things he has seen - in person, which files away in your mind differently than seeing them in a book 20+ years ago and suddenly now being asked about a location.  At 4 am.  So he could clearly make me laugh while talking to me while I'm in bed. 
So it was a bit of feeling things that I know I can't explain - but also knowing I can't imagine I'm the girl for him - he's never been married - he's still looking for that ideal in his head - he's sort of Peter Pan that can't grow up.  But he's really interesting to talk to - but I'd talk to other people about him, and they all had a story tied to where he is - or to where he is from - it was just weird things over and over again.  So I finally just came to the end - I know I'm not the girl/woman for him.  I'm not going there - he's not coming here, it's a conversation we were supposed to have - not a relationship.  But it's sort of neat - but sort of disappointing.  But not many people can be given something to hold and sent to find the person to talk to - and wait 15 years till that plays out and happens. But it's not the first time I've been sent to meet or talk to somebody - he's just the first complete stranger I've been sent to, or had put in my path - or I'm put in their path.  I think it happens all the time- but most people have really busy lives - and they don't take the time to notice - to figure it out or see it.  My life is quiet - I notice because I do not talk to many people.  But it sound weird to just try to put it into words. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

More Odd Things

I said I would talk about the odd things...
So here is the story that happened before the headstone on my grave and the house exploded next door to my friends house.

One day while at my kitchen sink - I noticed an extended cab pickup truck in my driveway.
So I came out to the living room, and I see a ladder leaning against my house outside my window, and I suddenly HEAR a person walking on my house roof.

Oh, I have not called ANYBODY - there is not a reason for ANYBODY to be on my roof.  And I have a roof that indeed needs replacing - but again - I have not called anybody - so there is NO REASON for a person to be ON MY ROOF.  PERIOD.

I have to confront them - there could be 4 guys if it is an extended cab truck.  They could be up there pulling off shingles and at the wrong damn house.  Nobody has knocked or rang the doorbell, and I have been in the living room until being in the kitchen for what seems like minutes.  So who the heck is on my roof?  And I can see there is a stencil of somebody's name on the truck glass window - like 'name construction'.  Oh, could be a scam, somebody does damage then you have to call somebody else to fix that damage.  I am in the city limits - but I am the last house on a dead end street.  If I was indeed a working person - which I am lucky enough not to be - they could do a lot of damage up there all dog gone day long - I have to confront them NOW.

So I had not showered for days - I was sort of dressed - sweats and a t-shirt, no bra, and christmas hideous slippers of bright red and green and they look like elf slippers with curls on the toes - and I have removed the bells from them, so I an slightly stealthy in charging outside - I want to be their worst nightmare.  I want them to WANT to get away from me.  I worked with men for years - a screaming women is something most men want to avoid.  This is the attitude I charge out my front door with.

I scream all of the following - all of it - so excuse the swearing - but if YOU had a guy that could be just randomly high on drugs or doing damage to your house - and you had not just called the cops - then you might be swearing too.  For all I knew - it might be some guy planning anything.  All I knew is there was no reason for anybody to be on MY house roof.

Get the fuck off my roof now.
Get the fuck off my roof right now.
I'm supposed to be here.

Well, it's only one guy and he might be measuring for an estimate... but he's at the very least at the wrong house and on the wrong roof - and I am about to make that point very clear.

Naw man - get the fuck off my roof right now.
 I was called, I am supposed to be here.
No, nobody called you - I didn't call you - get the fuck down from my roof right now.
Yeah, I'm supposed to be here - I was called, I have a name.
You didn't even ring the doorbell or knock on the door - get the fuck off my roof.
I didn't think anybody was home -

Aw, man, this guy is an idiot.  I have been dealing with limited thinking men.  Over and over, limited thinking men, and this is that same lesson put directly onto my roof.  He's at the wrong house, he couldn't be bothered with knocking or ringing a doorbell, he's never wrong in his mind.  He is supposed to be here even with a screaming woman saying to get off the roof - he still thinks he's right and the screaming woman is just stupid - he's wrong twice - wrong house - and clearly there WAS somebody home and now screaming at him -
And I know I did NOT call him.  So whatever name he think he has is the third mistake.  He can't see that yet.  I know he thinks - some man called and did not tell me, a husband, a boyfriend - a person with testicles no doubt, and I can see this idea formed perfectly in his head.  He will get down off the roof, and go get the name and say it, and a look of recognition when he says a name that I know will wash over the screaming woman's face and she will have to apologize to him - he is never wrong, and this is exactly the way he thinks it will happen.  That is his third mistake.  There is NO MAN - there is no NAME that he can say - there is no husband, there is no boyfriend - and every family member I have is dead.  He just can't see that yet - it's his limited thinking - I already know that as soon as he says he has a name - I don't care if he says GOD called him to measure - unless God is paying for the new roof - get off my roof.  I decided maybe he hasn't noticed my elf slippers yet.  I have been standing on my sidewalk screaming up at him, I am going inside to take off the slippers, I am not being taken seriously here.  I go inside - take off the slippers - which is about the same amount of time it would take to either get a gun - or to call 911.  I go back outside - by now, he is by the truck - the ladder is in the back of his truck along with a card of roofing sample colors - but if I was scamming - I'd have that in my truck too for the cops if called and caught.  I keep my distance from him 20 feet, but still screaming.  I know he is going to say a name - I am going to make him say it TWICE - there will be NO look of recognition come over my face - I will still be screaming - he needs to get this lesson - I would have rather just shot him off my roof to start with - a warning shot - and that gets his attention - and then I am planning on where to bury the body - but it's hot and I don't want to bother with that - so not today.  But the next person might not feel quite to generous.  He needs to learn to ALWAYS ring a doorbell.  I can't shoot that shot because I would go to jail for firing that in the city limits.  But again - his next mistake might not be in the city limits.  Or thinking it through as clearly as I am.  If you are a woman and there is a man on your roof - you have no clear reason why - he could be up there shooting back - you don't know.

He is now at the truck when I go outside - I keep my distance - I do not have a gun, I have not called 911 - but he does not know what I did inside for that minute.
He holds a piece of paper and says a name confidently -
He says the name again - confidently -
NO - you are at the wrong damn house - you could not be bothered to  ring a doorbell to see if there was anybody home-  how would YOU feel if suddenly there was somebody on YOUR roof and they kept telling you - I am supposed to be here...  Get the fuck off my property.  Get the fuck off my property right now.

I go back inside - I stand watching him from just inside the storm door window.  He has to jog his truck back and forth a couple times to get it turned around - he is watching me in the doorway.
As a matter of fact - his eyes never leave my eyes as I watch him - and he never looks away or blinks.  His eyes are now as big around as saucers, and I have only ever seen this in cartoons.  And he does finally pull off down the street.

Now I had been trying to help somebody with a slightly limited point of view - and I had said - I don't know now to help that guy - I said I have tried this before - I never know what to say to open those guys up to seeing other points of view.  It's like they are stuck with just one point of view, their own, and they can't put themselves in the other persons shoes.  I understand they are just stuck in their own heads.  And the guy I was helping is not stuck - but I still didn't know what to say - so I gave up.  Then just hours later - this guy is suddenly on my roof - and obviously he's that same version of limited thinking, and only his point of view, and a screaming woman does NOT mean he's at the wrong house because he's never wrong - why bother ringing a doorbell - I've got a name, she needs a new roof - I'm at the right house no matter what she's screaming about - a man has called me - she just doesn't know because somebody didn't tell HER  - she's wrong - he is secure that the woman has to be wrong in this situation.
I say - I'll go back and talk to that guy again that I just gave up on talking to.  He is better about trying to see other people's point of view.  He is not as limited as the man that was just put on my roof the teach ME a lesson.

But really - a man on my roof?  A limited thinking man saying he's supposed to be there when a woman is screaming at him?
And now I have been trying to look up that name I saw on the glass on his truck - I have to call a roofer - and I do NOT want to get this guy - I am trying to avoid calling him - but I can't get the name right enough to find him listed and if he works for somebody else - I can't tell that.  So out of lots of companies - I am trying to avoid the one guy that is clearly the guy I would NEVER want to hire.  And I can't find him to avoid him.

And the stories of weird are not over yet.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Really Weird...

Yep, I'm still around.

And you know there are moments in life that are just too weird that talking about them makes you sound crazy???  Oh, this will sound crazy - but it's funny.  But there is not stitching involved, nope, it sits just out of arms reach waiting.

So okay - my life is weird from time to time.  I am going to start with the most recent.
About two weeks ago I mowed at my mom's - the old neighbor guy next door said he'd been up to the cemetery and there was a new headstone next to my mom's headstone.  So in 2000 when my dad died -  I went with my mom to get graves.  The cemetery sexton was the farmer across the road - everybody knew everybody well.  My mom says - do I buy 2 graves or 3 graves?  Meaning, Do you want to be buried with us or not?  I said - buy 3 - I wanted to the options to be buried next to my mom.  So of a 6 grave section - we bought graves 4-6.  I am in 4, mom in 5, dad in 6.  Beyond my dad is an aisle.  This aisle is standard in cemeteries to wheel a cart with a casket to rows farther back so you are not trying to go around stones.
So the neighbor guy says yep, on the left side of your mom - I said that would be weird - I own that.  It's 8:30pm - I have to go across the highway to go look - and I have to get out of the car - and sure as shit - there's a headstone on my grave.  I note the names.  So I drive back to the old guy - Got a phone book?  It's nearby - so at almost 9pm on a Sunday night - I go to their house PRAYING they are both alive and there were just years of birth - not death on that stone.  So she answers the door - Are you Susan?  The door says - oxygen in use - it might as well say, dying person inside.  Yes, she's Susan.  Could you step outside for a moment?  Sure.  So I say - I was just across the highway to that cemetery - and your marital headstone is on my grave.  Hi, nice to meet you.

Sure - this happens to everybody right???

I wanted to talk to her first actually - I need to hear her side - she needs to hear my side.  At this point I know that the farmer has nothing to do with this cemetery anymore - it was annexed into a very small township trying to get a larger tax base.  They got farmland and a cemetery.  It's some other women that Susan talked to.  I said - I have a receipt for that grave.  We bought 3 at the time.  I can go home and put my hands on that receipt in less than 5 minutes.  I am not sure which grave you are supposed to be in - but maybe it was just marked wrong where to put the stone.  I think there is one empty one more over - or maybe you are off a row.  It is normally marked by the cemetery people because the stone people do NOT want to put a stone in the wrong place EVER.  They charge $300 or more now to put a cement base down to the frostline, to then anchor the stone to that.  Somebody is going to have to pay to have that reset on another grave.  At least that amount, probably more because they are going to have to pull out this mess from my grave.  And it is a slightly odd headstone - the ashes go INTO the headstone.  There are tubes with lids that screw down and the ashes go into the tubes to get down to frost level - so it's not just a solid cement base - not at all.
The cemetery sold the grave for $300, and now it's going to cost them maybe $400 to move a stone from the wrong place.  It's a non profit cemetery.  And running it like this - oh yeah, it's certainly non-profit all right.

At this point - I think this is all some stupid mistake - but I am not paying to move a stone - and I tell Sue - she should NOT pay to move a stone that the cemetery woman marked wrong.  And maybe it was marked right- but they mowed and moved a stake to mow and it didn't get put back in the right place?  Maybe kids moved a stake around Memorial Day - and didn't know - all innocent possible things - I am not mad - just want to fix it before somebody dies.  But I tell Sue - I will call you back with the exact grave number so when you talk to the cemetery person you'll know where you are, versus where you should be.  She says okay - she will call the cemetery woman Monday after a car oil change appointment.

I don't sleep - I call the town hall - that cemetery now has it's own facebook page - and somebody calling herself a cemetery manager.  I am from here - I do not know her.  I google her - she's into local history - graveyards - family histories on stones.  I am told I will have to talk to her.  I am sure this is the person Sue dealt with.  I call at 7:30 am - goes to voicemail - I call again at 8am - I leave a message saying call me, and have that cemetery map in front of you when you return this call.  I leave a first name and a phone number.  Abut 10:45am, I have finally gone to bed -  and I have told Sue - call me when you get an answer.
I get a call instead from cemetery woman -
Hi, It's okay if we just put you on the other side of your dad isn't it?


Sure, then we don't have to move Sue and Mike - it's not a problem - we'll just put you there instead.

No.  I own the grave next to my mother - I bought that in 2000, and you screwed up in 2016, and you don't get to just play musical graves and put me somewhere else because YOU screwed up.

Well, things up there are not marked very well.


There are lots of versions of the maps - and really there are not even two empty grave there - there is 6 feet there.

I explained - when we bought those graves there was NOBODY in any of the 6 graves - my dad was put in the end grave 2 days later - there could be NO screw ups, because there was nobody there yet.  If people did not measure properly burying people in the years since, again, it is NOT MY PROBLEM.  I did not have a thing to do or say about where the person was put in grave 2 after my dad was put in grave 6.  If they did not measure right - it is again - not my problem now.

But we can just put you on the other side of your dad.


Okay, we will move the headstone - It will not happen this week.  I have to get the money approved to do that from the cemetery board.  Do you understand?

Yes.  But my feeling was - if she screwed up - she has to pay to fix it - and she had to ADMIT IT - she can't just not have to admit it by moving me to the aisle - it's not even a grave - it's the aisle - picture a church - rows of pews - than she's saying to me - will just plant you in the aisle ---
No.  Not when I am the only person that did this right and honestly.  I can win this in court and I know it.

So she finally says - Fine - I'll move them and you can be next to your mother...

And she says it like I am being a pain in the ass - wow.  There is a 4 letter word that starts with C for women like her - and I have maybe 5 in a lifetime - but she's just made the top of that list in a less than 10 minute phone conversation.  I hate her.

So I hang up - I call Sue to talk to her - I want to hear what she was told.
Sue now seems hesitant to talk to me - I say - can't we talk?  I was told she did NOT sell you my grave.

Sue says - she did EXACTLY that.  I'd called with numbers the night before.  By morning - Sue found her check with that same plot and lot number.  Sue called and said - I'd showed up at her door claiming Sue was on my grave - and the cemetery woman said - Nope, not on the map.  She's wrong.  Sue said to cemetery woman - she's got a receipt - cemetery woman says- let me go check something else - oh, oops - yeah, oh, we'll let you stay and just put her the other side of her dad.  Not a problem.  Sue says - Are you going to ask her?  Here's her number... and that got me that phone call.

At one point cemetery woman told Sue - it was going to cost to move that stone - but since Sue and I had already covered that in talking Sue was brave enough to say - NOT SUE'S PROBLEM OR MISTAKE.  And cemetery woman had to agree, and go before the board to ask for them money to move a stone.

But Sue had originally wanted a grave under a tree.  Cemetery woman said - there are no graves like that available.  Now that she will be moving that stone - she told Sue - oh, you wanted to be under a tree anyway - we will put you there.

So she can move people into the aisle -which is creating a grave where there is not a grave - and a grave that she doesn't really have to account for on paper - and she's the person in charge of the maps, and there are several version of this map - that she supposedly combined so well that she actually SOLD SOMETHING SHE DID NOT OWN.   To me it's a bit like selling a bridge she doesn't own.  It's going to take a while before somebody notices - and if she can get somebody into that grave - then she's going to make the person come up with PROOF - and most people would NOT be able to put their hands on a grave receipt within 5 minutes nearly 16 years after - she's counting on that.  And she 's suddenly got a grave under a tree that recently had no grave under a tree.

Now first of all - I know it sounds nice - under a tree.  But you don't want to be buried under a tree.  First - if it's a casket - you have a vault in most cemeteries - and trees have roots - and so either like a tree with a sidewalk - those roots are eventually in the box with you - or busting that - or they have to bust the roots enough to put the box there.  So then the tree is weaker - and all trees eventually drop huge branches to bust things under them.  Eventually, you will not be under a tree  - you will be next to a stump.  But yeah, it sounds nice - people do not think it through.  It would be slightly less important with ashes - you are digging a post hole under a tree.  That is exactly they bury those urns - and they dig to the frost line if you are in a colder climate.  If you hit a root - you'd just move the hole over and try again.  But with hers being part of the headstone - those tubes have to go directly under that stone - and if you hit a root at 35 inches and you need to go 42 - it's going to be miserable - so under a tree - understand how it really works.

But after I talked to Sue - I told her I hated cemetery woman - and for cemetery women to LIE to me - saying she did NOT sell her my grave - oh, that will make me lose my mind with being really mad.
I tell Sue - it was avoidable - we are both the innocent parties in this - and that I appreciate her help to straighten this out now before somebody dies - and I would not want to call her adult children at some point and say - hey - your parents are buried in my grave - move them please.

So a few hours later I stopped and picked up two dozen roses -
I took a dozen to Sue and said - I was glad to have met her and her husband.  I was glad that I had started with her and that I know she had felt all this was settled and properly done and taken care of, and then some woman shows up on her step saying  -  no, you are on MY grave - and it's all in the air suddenly.  So here's a dozen roses to let you know - I did not want to upset you - please understand that, and the person that should bring you  a dozen roses is the cemetery woman - but she will never do that.

And I took a dozen roses to the wife of the old neighbor guy that pointed out - there's a headstone next to your mom now.  He didn't need flowers, but by saving me - I give his wife roses on his behalf, and it works for him.

I then told this story to anybody that would listen to me.  I decided to find this cemetery board - somebody should maybe raise a warning flag to watch this cemetery woman.  If I was going to embezzle money - she's setting herself up to do that perfectly - she's selling stuff she doesn't own - she's never showing the map to anybody else.  Maybe it's a one off - but I'll raise a caution flag - so I find out there is a 3 person board - I end up talking to 2 of the 3 people.  I explain - it just look odd - she's doing odd things...
The guy defends her - and says to me - haven't YOU ever made a mistake?
He repeats this like it was something Bill Clinton could have said after Monica's dress was found.

I wanted to say - when you go home tonight and find somebody else in YOUR house because she's sold it and other people have moved in - it's just a mistake?  I have NOT sold things I do NOT own recently - so it's NOT just a mistake.  But I look at him and know there is NO point in saying anything.  I say - she might be embezzling.  They laugh and say - that's not possible - the check would have to be made out to the town cemetery association - she can't cash that.
Well, if you only make everybody deal with her - and if I am there to buy a grave - I'm going to make that check out to her - as long  as she will give me a receipt - I really do not care who I make that check out to honestly.  But they can't see that - not possible.  They have been in charge of that cemetery for almost a year now - I ask them - what are the dimensions of a grave in that cemetery?  They both admit - they do not have a clue -
Is it 4 x 8?  Why would they know that?
Wonder really how much she can do stuff and nobody is really watching - they have no clue how big a grave is...

But they gave her the money to move the headstone.
I said - oh, she's a word I don't use for many women -

Their answer was - oh, yeah, she's not really a good people person.
Oh, that's the person to put dealing with dying loved ones and selling graves to those people - the person that is NOT good with people.

Yeah, she's going to bleed that cemetery right off that top selling grave that are not real and pocketing $300 a shot when she does.  She won't do it all the time - or every time.  And it will only show when somebody shows up with a 16 year old receipt to say - no - you are on MY grave, and I am NOT going to play musical graves because you do NOT want to go before the board to point out you either screwed up - or you have been caught red handed.

And here is my biggest question about is she honest or not.
I felt it was all honest till I asked her point blank - did you resell my grave?
And she said - No.
But if it was an honest mistake - and we all make them - why not just say - yes, sorry - so sorry - up, down, sideways, really sorry.  Going to take a minute to fix it and move that stone.
But she lied - why lie? - because you are not smart enough to see that you could simply apologize and make it look like a mistake.  You are still in covering up mode - you are lying because you knew before this moment.  You have been caught and like a thief - you resort to a base of lies as the go to.  It is deny it all because they can't prove - there are three sets of books - I will lie and say the problem was in the paperwork...  a built in excuse.  It was her one biggest slip up to point to her real guilt.  If the rest of us make that same mistake - we apologize over and over - she NEVER told me that she was sorry - ever.

It shows exactly who she is - and it gives a huge hint to I'm not the first one - I was the first one she got caught - and it shows because she doesn't know what to do if she's caught - she has not thought it thought what her reaction SHOULD be - and she got it wrong - and it showed.

So all this is Sunday late night and Monday, and it was Wednesday by the time I talked to the board people.  I ended up buy 3 dozen more roses to the women that listened to me tell this story to them.  I now have a frequent rose buying card with punches.

And that Monday night - about 6pm - the house right next door go a guy I used to work with - blew up.  Really - it blew up.  It was a small house, maybe 20 x 20 and a slab foundation - no basement.  There was a security camera out the house across the street and three houses down - that recorded it blowing up.  The roof lifted up about two feet - and the front and far side walls just fall down - then the fire started - and the woman was still inside-  so my friend grabs a wrench to shut off the gas to the building - and his neighbor grabs extinguishers and they pull her out - and she's burn but amazingly she can hear - then the fire really catches but they have saved her - but she needs skin grafts after.  Okay -the woman is maybe 64 and she's paranoid schizophrenic.  They knew something was up with the gas line to the stove - and the stove was pulled out.  Now they know she might have been trying to put natural gas into  a gasoline type container and blown up because she's crazy.  My friend had just mowed her yard - and then mowed another neighbors and was at his house garage again when it went BOOM.  Now at some point she owned a car that also caught on fire with her in it and she had to be told to get out of that...  and she wanted to open the hood on the car that's on fire.  Her son was bringing her food and cigarettes?  If you looked at the photos - there are no tvs - no dishes or food in the cupboards - there were no doors in the closets or interior rooms - there was not furniture and she has lived there since 1973 - tiny house - but nothing that should be there - it was like a weird game to spot things in the ashes - and they pulled all four outside walls down, and all the interior was just studs go it would not catch on fire again.  The insurance company said they would replace it - but now says - if you were trying to drain a stove gas supply line into a gasoline container while you are crazy - we might not cover the explosion and fire that results from that.  But my friends say she was going without water in the house - and peeing in bottles and putting that out with the garbage - she would have a bag of garbage a day.  Clearly somebody needed to step in and up to help this woman.  She deserved better.  So now her son is trying to get the legal matters to do care for her and get her into a safer situation.  But that will not be easy - and there is not money to do that.

But to have somebody else  have a headstone on my grave - and it could have been there for months - I was last there in December - it was June - I have no clue when I showed up.
Then I hear there was a house that blows up - but I don't notice the address - till days after my friend is on the front page in a photo for rescuing a woman in a house that blows up.  Okay- he is that kind of guy - it could have been several houses down - but I go look - and it is 40 feet from his house - next door.  The news reports - the house bathtub ended up on their roof - which mostly shows that the news people can't tell a bathtub - cast iron  - from a roof solar panel.  Making them just goofy too.

So that was last week - and there's more like this...
But really -  is this normal???

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

After 4 floss

This is after four - 5 yard skeins of floss - 20 yards.  My feeling is that it will use just over 30 yards to complete.  Just filling in where it needs, with no rhyme or reason at this point. 

My budget this month is good - but of course the plumbing bill alone put me into never even close to budget.  But it had to be done, and I waited long enough that even knowing the drain was not right for years and years, it never quite occurred to me that the dripping might also be rotting the wood around the drain.  And I should know that.  Same thing is true of a dripping or leaking toilet.  It rots the floor around the base.  A midnight surprise just waiting to happen.  So I am glad to have it done.  Next will be the house roof, which I have also delayed for a couple extra years, but I am starting to push my luck there too.   

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Middle Pages

Finished pages 3 and 6, and now working pages 2 and 5.  I used just under 2 skeins of floss to do the first two pages, and I am nearly done using the third floss at this point.  But I think I messed up somewhere in this current circle middle, so I need to examine the middle stitch by stitch.  I am sure it won't take that long to find.   I will just say - I was watching an old movie and crying at the end, and that is my excuse for messing up.  Nothing like a movie that just makes you cry at the end.  I have finished a couple of audiobooks, but nothing that I would recommend.
I DID see a movie trailer for the next Bridget Jones Movie - about her getting pregnant!  Called Bridget Jones's Baby.  Releases in the US Sept 16, so a while to wait yet.  There is a trailer up on the site. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two of Twelve Circles Done

Still stitching to make sure there is enough floss.  I think there will be.  It is much prettier in person than in the photo.  And this photo through BlogSpot is wonky, it is more the shape and size of a postcard, and I guess blogger doesn't deal with a longer narrow photo, so here it gets squished. 

I was doing great on my monthly budget.  I've had a dripping shower, almost up to a trickle.  And then the drain in that same shower was also leaking into the basement.  So a guy friend tried to help me, and he twisted the whole shower faucet off behind the wall.  He didn't mean to, I know that, and I might have done exactly the same thing.  Exactly why I was not wanting to try myself.  So he went with me to talk to the plumber.  I have no shut off to that shower, so I had no water.  But I can live without water, I was not in a panic.  It was a Monday, at noon, I was fine as long as somebody came before Friday.  I know some people would be upset, not me.  They said they were busy all that same day, but was Tuesday morning okay, I said - Sure.
So there is nothing hotter to a middle aged woman than a man that can replace a shower valve behind the wall, then the faucet, cut out and replace the shower drain, check my water heater for sludge while he is here anyway, and replace my clothes washer faucets.  And if nothing leaks or drips after he is done, and he can do it in under 3 hours, the man is hotter than any stripper, or man I have ever had sex with, no matter what he looks like.  The bill was $562.  almost $300 of that was parts.  Expensive?, always, but I got to go out with my guy friend for a steak dinner the night before we broke the faucet, and I rarely go out to dinner, maybe once a year.  So two hot men, it was almost too much for a stitching woman to deserve.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can an Old Pattern be a New Start?

Okay, starting something new won.  But it is an old pattern, Rosetta from Ink Circles.
And yep, Judith inspired me to stitch it from sending me a very nice email.  This is after just a couple nights of stitching and I have nearly finished a page.  I kept looking at the newest Ink Circles called Tapestry, but thinking I have this one in my stash, I really should stitch it first.  This photo shows flash washing out the colors, the black is really black if you wonder how much it is washing out.  Stitching it with 25 count black jobelan  with Weeks Dye Works Whiskey floss.  One over one.  Started with 10 skeins of floss, so if I run out, there will not be 12 circles...   I thought if I finished a page - 1 of 6, I'd know, but it doesn't set on the page even, and of course it will make a difference if I mess up and have to frog.  So far, only lost count once. 
I don't concern myself with people commenting.  I look at lots of peoples blogs and never say a word.  I did comment when the stitcher was going to frame something and she had an alphabet letter like T and the bar at the top was missing.  She read her comments and caught it, and fixed it.  So I certainly read comments, but I understand people that don't comment.  But if I really screw up - and it is obvious - oh good grief, say something.......
And I am starting this from the bottom right corner and working my way up and left.  This is that corner page.