Monday, October 17, 2016

Four Corners

That's four corners.  Crossing my fingers that the sides will line up when they come together.  There are things you don't check till you are having a good day.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hard to notice...

Maybe this is five floss used.  At least 5 might be the better way to say it.  This was hours and hours of stitching, and on this photo, like when I clean my house, unless you know where to look - it's hard to notice.  It's still fun to stitch.

The garage roof is now done.  They clean out the gutters.  I asked them to recycle the old extra shingles, and they did, which is something else out of the house.  I turned a year older the next day. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Corner

I made it to the top corner. It is 16.25 x 12.5 inches corner to corner.  I am trying to keep track of the floss I have used - but I might have miscounted that already.  Just feeling like a disorganized mess.  I know it doesn't really matter how much I have used, which is a good thing because I can't count to five or six I guess.  I can laugh about it, and in a world of people with real problems - it doesn't matter.  Just happy to be able to stitch away.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Just a redo of my post -

I'm still stitching away and into that top row of pages.  Working to that next corner.

My house roof was done today - and I think they did a nice job.  The garage will be done Monday - they started my house at 8am - and were done and cleaned up by 2:45 pm, so done in a single day.  Six guys I think. 

I had to update my old 2G phones since they are updating the towers.  I really liked my old simple phones that played mp3's, and did text, and was just a phone.  I bought a $50 on sale smart phone, two actually.  And what should have been an easy transfer was a huge pain.  I last time was talking to customer service in Guyana in South America.  This time I was dealing with customer service in the Philippines.   They were nice - but I was on the phone for 2 hours straight because they transferred my number but did not move my minutes or end date.  Which was 4 months and 3800 minutes on one phone and 3300 minutes on the other phone.  I don't use the phone that much, I'm old.  Now I have a $50 smartphone, well two actually.  They work finally - but it should have been one call per phone to do this - it was two days and at least four hours with customer service.  And since the phone is smarter than I am - I will probably only be using the new phone even less.  And I have one or two bars of signal - my old phones show 4 bars - so I'm sure I have not felt the end of this frustration yet.

Here is a great quote - found in an AARP magazine from a couple months ago...
Quote :

When we started Apple, Steve Jobs and I talked about how we wanted to make blind people as equal and capable as sighted people, and you'd have to say we succeeded when you look at all the people walking down the sidewalk looking down at something in their hands and totally oblivious to everything around them.

Steve Wozniak

Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Corner is done

A second corner is complete, so all the way across the width now.  Still have a row of pages to go up yet.  Not quite through the fourth floss.

Went to the yearly electrical company meeting.  They have a free lunch, and door prizes.  I take a woman that is now 88 years old, and tiny.  Meaning breakable.  Her heart is only at 37%, her health is not great, but she likes to go to this meeting.  So last year we did not go, but did the several years before that.  They also give away 30 - $25 off your bill prizes, and they give a gift for just showing up - and this year it was bbq tools.  She won the 15th $25 off your bill.  She said she felt bad I did not win, but then I won the 23rd $25 off my bill.  So we both won.  Free lunch, bbq tools, we each won $25 off the next bill, and a really nice ink pen that sparkles.  That was a good day.  And I got her home without breaking her.  A couple hundred people show up, so we beat the odds if we both won.
She tells me stories, her sister-in-law was getting groceries and as they loaded the car, she went to get into the car while her son was on the other side of the car.  They think she stepped on a stone and lost her balance, and fell.  Broke her hip in the grocery store parking lot.  Then she talked about her high school class reunion.  Her 70th high school class reunion.  She said 7 people came to the reunion.  I asked, how many people were in your class?  100.  Okay, but more than 7 are still alive, but only 7 came.  But she added, there was a woman that set it up, contacted and planned it all.  Then the planning woman forgot it was that day, and forgot to go to the actual event.  Which is really funny in a horrible way. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Days Later

Okay, there was some un-stitching.  The letters E and K were off by one row, and K is back, but not E.  Part of a triangle just wasn't laying right, so it was picked out and re-stitched.  Nothing awful on either thing, and as much as I am shotgunning this - when one thing lines up with something else, there is a small sigh of relief and a happy dance in my head.  This is almost three dmc floss used so far.  I have 10 single strands yet, before cutting up the next skein. 

The flood waters crested.  We were a 15 second blurb on the national news.  There was some levee leaks, there was some sewer backups.  There were some flooded basements in areas that above ground, things look dry.  The crest was at 22 feet and we are at 20 now.  City kids got the whole week off school.  They said in all the records - it had never flooded in Sept.  So this city has finally learned to - never say never.  The city did do a good job.   They tried.  But I'm always amazed that people will buy a house or open a business next to a RIVER - and then be puzzled about somebody else not being able to stop a RIVER overflowing to protect their house or business. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

A little here, a little there...

No rhyme or reason to which direction.  That is almost the side to the left, just missing a 2 stitch wide box border.  And I still have to go up a full page yet.  I am well into the third floss.   

The town is waiting for the flood crest predicted now at 23 feet, and we are at 21 feet now.  Flood stage is 12 feet.  I am on high ground, but the grown kids of my friend have been evacuated.  News coverage is limited.  I think they finally realized that people come gawk if they show too much.  They have night curfews, National Guard, no school for the kids for three days.  Gas lines have been cut off to housing in areas likely to flood.  And the power grid was changes so if one area went underwater, it wouldn't take four more not underwater with it.  That 23 to 25 foot mark can flood level is an interesting level.  Levees are at that 22 foot mark - so at this point - they are still not sure what will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours.  In the past - they have been proud to say that nobody has been hurt.  Nobody has died.  Their goal is to say that again.  I am just stitching and staying out of the way.  The rest of the city is just trying to say - business as usual - so it's a bit disjointed.