Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Challenge Project

I got my stuff for my challenge project - and I could not resist starting it.

But I had done a little more on that Halloween thing.  It's on cashel - and I feel like an idiot because I can't count right on it  - and it's still one over one on 28 ct, but on cashel.  Shouldn't be a big deal - but I have been off a thread maybe six times already.  It was practice for linen... and I'm screwing it up...  not a good thing... 
So that other thing there...  Yeah, that's the Let Freedom Ring pattern.  I started in the center.  And it's on 28 count - so HUGE - because I have to stitch it over two...  and it's linen...  But it was the R&R fabric in the pattern dye color in 28 count.  I didn't think they even made that - and it should have sold out long ago - but I know most people would turn up their nose at that fabric - because it will be huge...  I get it.   But I have said before - I'm not sure I can count to two over and over - I can - but I'm not going to do that - because I'm goofy...  I'm taking it and I still want it to look finely detailed.  So you know how they stitch the Mirabella skin one over one and keep that detail look by making one stitch into four small stitches?  I'm doing that with the whole pattern.  So every stitch is now four tiny stitches...  and that roof - it is two colors, but it doesn't look like that on mine - or barely...
It will work.  but it's gonna take longer.  And it's gonna go slower - cause one stitch is really four - ever time...  Yep, a challenge.    I've done that before - but never on something this big.  And honestly - it's not all that big.  It's still one over one - on 28 count - it just takes four to be one......
Yeah, it's nothing I want to try while drinking.  But so far, so good...  And I kinda like it.    I saw a video where somebody did the corner flower - it was lovely...  but it was a little clunky looking because it's still two over two - so I want to try it with the finer detail of the four into one stitch.  So it will come and go over time I'm sure - but for that kinda money - I'm stitching it.   I am trying to angle to get to that corner flower...  that is the goal.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Finish... and a message to Suzette....

Lizzie Kate - A Good Marriage - which includes the floss.  Stitched on Lambswool 28ct, one over one.  I'd like to restitch is again on something lighter.  The blocks of color photograph fine, but in real life they muddy into a blob, especially the gold.  But I split a material to make this match another Lizzie Kate. So maybe I'll stitch them both twice.

Okay, Suzette, one of the floss tube people, is looking for three of these patterns.  I didn't have any of them - but I went to my LNS yesterday - just to see if I could find a couple of floss tube out of print things.  I didn't find the one I was looking for, but I did find 5 of these. I came home and tracked down the sixth one - and ordered it. And I know where the seventh one is.  But I'm not on social media at all other than this blog.  So I can't email her directly. But my email is on this blog under the 'About Me' on the side - we will see if she can find me.  Just to be clear - I am filling a set for me.  I might never hear from her - and  that's fine.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Okay - did you ever see a pattern, and just find it interesting, even though it's maybe not the usual style for you.  And maybe it's a new fabric to try... a new stitch...  stitching over one for a part of it would be new for you.... or maybe stitching over two is not the usual for your stitching.....maybe the floss is new...  but there is something, or a combination of things, and you just keep looking at it over and over and over....

And you know you don't need it.  It's not your style.  But you start to see that it might be a challenge.  Not a mountain to climb type of challenge.  But stepping outside the thing that you find really easy to do.  Something you look at, and the math is different... so how much floss do you really need?  And if you stitch it over two, with two - for me - that would be different.  But what if I didn't stitch it two over two... what if a single stitch is now really still one over one - so one stitch is four... like they do on faces and skin.  What if you did that on the whole pattern...  I've done that on something small - not skin, just the pattern.  But certainly not on something large.  Does that double the floss?  More? Less than double?   It would have to take more - but I'm not sure...
See, a challenge.  Because I'm not sure.

So I broke - this will be my challenge project to buy.  It started because it's a new fabric for me, in a count that most people would turn their nose up at.  So the fact that it was that count fabric - it might be in my path just for me...  because it's also the color the pattern was done on and and the same fabric dyer, just a different count.  And the fabric would have all sold out because the pattern was sold so much there really is no fabric left - but there is this odd count that I would find interesting to try this on.  It would take me forever - but would it work? - I am not used to counting to two - oh, it would be a challenge, because I'm taking it, and making it harder...  making every single stitch now four tiny stitches, which would take it back to a finer detail again...  would it look different?  well, skin on those girls does - so it should... maybe once I see it - I'll think something different.  But I want to try - I want to play with that idea...  I don't need it - I keep wanting to try a slightly different angle and version...  It would be like thinking - lets' try it on gauze...

It doesn't matter which pattern I'm talking about - it would be a different pattern for each of us. 

I ordered it all, the pattern, the fabric, the fancy floss.
I won't know till I try.  And I want to try - it's an expensive test of - can I do it?
But I've done this with other things.  Just not lately.  I'm never sure if it will work or not.  If I can or not.  But if stitching doesn't work - I'm pretty sure - nothing awful happens.

But it has to be the end of my binge.  It's enough.   The next thing I post will have to be a finish.  I want to go back to - use it up, wear it out.  I've had fun, I've restocked.  I'm happy with what I've got.  It's not all here yet.  But I have enough.
***and the next morning.... I ordered more...  Which I think completes my whole, want/wish list.  It had better...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Silly Floss Tube.... I listened to a woman say - they seem to be getting rid of a few x-stitch fabrics at  Hobby Lobby...  probably not going to carry them anymore...  on clearance... 
The video is from a couple days ago...  okay - I have nothing better to do, if I go look, it won't be on sale at my store, or they will already be out. 
They were on clearance - they were not already gone...
They are now.... 
And I went to the store the next town over- and cleared them out too.  It's not a great clearance - but it's 40% off without needing the coupon or a limit of just one thing 40% off.  Got the jobelan and a piece of belfast to try.  And the monaco that to me sucks -but for $4, would solve what to put those angels on...   (and it's at Michaels for $5 normally) So I used the coupon for magnets, and fiberfill, and stopped at Michaels and got a bag of their fiberfill for 1/2 off.  And I stopped at the LNS - and I cleared their Sulky Petites of white, black, and merlot.
 I was at three quilt shops, and asked about needle minders - they didn't have a clue what I was talking about - and one woman stuck her nose up in the air and said why would anybody need or want that? I said - you do know people are buying fabrics to make these bags for their stitching stuff right?  Not a clue what I was talking about...


About halfway with a few stitches missing yet.  Lizzie Kate - A Good Marriage - it's a kit, suggested is lambswool fabric and it is.

And Irene - I had to laugh - before posting that photo of stash - I'd done exactly that - tried to write and justify - I know exactly what you are talking about.  I finally, after hours and hours, erased it all, realized - I don't have to explain anything. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fabrics for Robin...

Okay Robin - here's your close ups...

It's all 28 count - some jobelan, lugana, and cashel.  I knew that the lugana and jobelan would not dye as deep or as mottled.  I had never stitched on cashel, let alone, washed, dyed and pulled wonky and out of shape cashel. 
It might help if you know the patterns I was planning to put on it - then you can picture just how far off  I might be.  So consider those old Lavender and Lace angels - there were seasons with wings.  I am trying for Winter and Autumn here.  So - blues, and then deep greens. 
And the Courtney- Knightmare,  knights helmet.   That was the grays...
There was the Jenny Bean Halloween - the house and graveyard - it says vintage barley - which was the same dmc  number as the marbled clay in the photo - it sucks, and I knew it might  Clay is something on the tires, not something I want to stitch on. 

that is jobelan 28 ct Babbling Brook - Both of them - my older scrap shows what I expected when I ordered more.... for the winter angel. 
That is PTP Nocturn cashel 28ct - it said it was a floss in the angle - it is way more gray than blue - some people do consider it for Knightmare - but think it is too dark to then stitch black on it.   Way too gray for a winter blue angle.
This is PTP Herald cashel 28ct.  It had the floss laying on it to show it's really dmc 501 and 502.  The autumn angel is that floss in her banner - I couldn't have gotten it closer - it is EXACTLY that color.

The darkest is  PTP Cyprium 28 ct cashel.  It  is exactly what the pattern suggests. 
The piece with the patterns on it - that's PTP Wren cashel 28 ct.  It is what the LaDDa calls for - but it's much darker.  It does look like it would be a match for the Spring pattern.  Looks exactly like that photo - but that not what they call out either. 
Bottom center - clay marbled jobelan 28 ct  -not really a Jenny Bean Halloween fit.

That gray in the corner - oh - that looks exactly like the LaDDa photo - it's Dense Fog jobelan. 
Here is a slightly different angle -
Dense Fog Jobelan 28ct.   I thought maybe Knightmare - but  it's at least the LaDDa - I like the cover photo. 
The Pink - that's PTP Diva - in Lugana 28 ct.  I wanted the wine version - Huntress - but it was backordered so this was the pink version -Diva.
The upper one is PTP Dapple cashel 28ct.  It is what Knightmare might be stitch on and darker than the Dense Fog below it, and the PTP Nocturn cashel to the right to compare. 
A wider shot - the upper three are PTP cashel - the lower two - jobelan.
And you can see that the Nocturn looks more dark than a winter angel should be. And black against it - probably not, too dark.  It's all lovely - but sometimes not for what I have in mind. 

I'll give you a list of what I now have coming from PTP fabrics
I ordered that stupid PTP wine colored Huntress in cashel.
And Doubloon lugana,
And Dapple lugana,
And Sand lugana,
And Legacy lugana.  
And Brash lugana,

and I just got the email that my PTP Huntress in lugana shipped today. 
The photo fabrics all came from 1,2,3 Stitch, except the Wren which was ABC Stitch. 
I know the PTP on lugana will not be as deep or mottled.  But I know I might find it more comforting to stitch on.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they send me... And if  it's slightly lighter - I'm fine with that idea.  Wren in lugana might be the answer to darker dye lots at the moment.   But I am not in a hurry - the patterns aren't here- the floss isn't here. 
That's the end of the fabric for today... back to stitching... 

DMC Floss Color Card -

Here's the link again...

DMC Floss Color Card - with REAL FLOSS SAMPLES

$24.99 with free shipping for orders over $20  - so free shipping.

I ordered two - one alone, another with needles.  Ordered them last Wednesday afternoon, and they arrived the following Monday in the mail.  Both of them, same day.
If you want to see what exactly you get for the samples of each of the colors - here is my photos.

That's exactly what you get - the blacks and variegated shows twice in my photos, but I want to show the last page with the specialty threads next to the others. 

There are times I think - I'd love to stitch this in a dark brown - but which one?  The reds I know - but sometimes you hit something you need to change - but to what is always the question.  Or the floss matched the fabric- is there a darker that is the same color family or is that the darkest?  Before it was a puzzle or dig out the floss.  Now - even on fabric they will say - it's like a dmc color number...  So I'd have to go dig out the floss - and I'd never have that color... so I still didn't know about the fabric.  Now I can just grab the card - write down the fabric numbers, and compare...  that's too yellow - too orange - that's perfect or close to what I'm wanting...  And before they were hanks of each color - that frayed - but these won't do that. 
And standing in a store in front of the dmc rack - the lighting is different than in my stitching spot.  I can love it in the store, and it looks dull and different when I get it home.  Stupid store lighting.  I understand not everybody needs or wants one, but I certainly did.
But for $25 - I'd maybe want to see exactly what it looks like.  So now you know. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

And Then...

I will show without going into detail - this is lately...

But this is also what happened...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Floss Color Cards - Are Back Finally

Just on the DMC site - the floss color cards with the real threads for each color-
They are back in stock - taking orders...  NOW!

Here's the link -

DMC Floss Card - Real Thread Samples

And yep, I ordered one.  Actually two...

$24.99 each - with the real floss thread samples for the dmc floss -
And it's free shipping over $20.
And it reads like it's UPS delivery as the free shipping during checkout.

No clue how long they will last - I have no connections to them at all.  But they ran out before.  Now they are back - but how long they will last???  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Border Frame

The border frame is done.  Now, just that middle part...

Friday, April 7, 2017

First Skein of Floss

This is as far as the first skein of floss will get you.  A skein of 6 yards - 12 strand silk.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

At the third corner...

At the top corner now...  still not through my first floss.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Size and Scale

That is my pair of Gingher 8" shears to give a sense of size and scale to this.
I am 3/4 thru the first floss (started with 4).  And I am halfway up the sides.  I am still wondering - is it enough floss or not....  Will it be another - aw, crap - moment or not???  I think there will be a moment I will know, long before I get to the end.

Friday, March 31, 2017

At the corner....

Getting ready to start the corner.  22 more stitches gets me to the edge.
It's laying on a white paper or envelope.  I wanted to show that the material is much darker than it seems in photos. 
I am going to do all the border - since I might run out of floss - I'd rather have to shotgun in the middle a bit if I am short and do end up with a dye lot that is off. 
This photo includes the material and pattern I was waiting on.  Foxwood's - It's Halloween.  I LOVED the text.  Which is....   Lock your doors, and turn out the lights, Or ghosts and gobblins will spook you tonight!  Jump in your bed, pull the covers up tight, close your eyes, until the morning is light.
Fan of graveyards - grave stones - but not Halloween.  I turn off the lights and hide from the kids coming to my door.  I go to bed and try to avoid it all - so this does hit close to home for me.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another Day...

I have talked about crazy stuff here.
Let's do that again.
But I post stuff, and then a few days later I edit the story off... 
I would rather it not pop up in a google search. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

The first day for this one

Yeah, like a kid, I just couldn't  wait...
This is that Ink Circles - Dragons of Sumatra.
28 count Jobelan, color Natural - Light.  One over one.  Floss - Gloriana #062 Cranberry silk

This photo is off colorwise.  The fabric is the color of cardboard.   I was going for the effect of blood symbols on a cave wall.  The patterns says 25 yards of floss used - but I have only 24.  But I am one over one, and she was one over two.  This is 1.3 yards of floss so far.  So if I am short - it will be less than the amount I have stitched so far.  But also does not allow for any frogging.  The fabric and floss were in my stash.  This is one day of stitching.
And later today I'll  get the fabric I am curious about.   Starting this was really not the plan at all.  Mostly because I had no clue what fabric/floss I'd use.  But this - this is different for me.  But it doesn't look that different in this photo for sure. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Long Days of Stitching

Here is after a couple long days of stitching.  And the changing has started.  I have one new pattern and fabric coming on Monday.  I am very curious about the fabric in that order. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Stitching On The Sofa

As of tonight - stitching along.  Watching tv.
But I started the day yet again on-line to shop for more stitching patterns.  This time I spent about 4 hours looking before pressing the 'order' key.  So I was quicker...  but that HAS to be the end.   I have ordered enough that I'll get to try some ideas, and different fabric for some other ideas.  
I actually am still enjoying this at the moment.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Goofy Giggles...

I got all the way around on the border, and it met up correctly....
Goofy giggles from me...  dumb luck once again.

I did laundry last Friday... and I had one sock left over.  Okay, I did have one more load, it could be there, and it could be stuck in something I have already folded and put away.  Just to show I am crazy or OCD - I buy all the same socks, and I mark them with a 'Z' or '-' or '^' or '=', something to keep them in pairs.  And I LOVE the fact that I buy 'No Nonsense' brand - they actually say 'No nonsense' across the toes.  I am full of nonsense all the time...  and certainly weird stuff.  So I know I am missing a '^' sock.  Today, I put on a shirt, and I see a sock inside - Ah-Ha!, the missing sock...  I pull it out and put on the shirt, and then I see a second sock on the floor...  I look at the codes, and they match each other and have nothing to do with my missing sock...  I guess this was just a different pair that ran off together - and were vacationing inside a shirt in my closet...    So I look at the matching shirt still in the closet, and inside that shirt was the missing sock...  What? Is there something now about socks running away in threes that I am just now learning about?  Is one of my socks not happy with the sock it's paired with?  And it's trying to see another sock inside my shirts in the closet?  Seems like very lurid sock behavior....  especially for socks that say- 'No nonsense'...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Orange and more Orange

Worked on the house - which is a whole lot of orange.  So I am taking a break from that and now starting the pile of pumpkins near it...  which is actually that same color of orange. 

And a full photo to this point.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The border continues...

The border lined up with the fence - hooray.  It's 15 x 9.5 inches.  And this is the first full skein of black. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Count and Re-Count

I just seem to catch myself counting wrong.  Nothing awful, a leaf, a pumpkin stem, the drop line all the other leaves attach to, the top of a door...  But it's more than usual.  At this point, I'm putting in all the stuff I want to keep, and then I'll see what's there...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekend Stitching

Going to finish stitching the weekend away.  Still on the right side at this point.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Even Better

I haven't touched the paperwork or organized anything. 
I did stay under my budget for February.  I've been out of the house and running errands which is a good thing for me.  There is a deal that if you donated blood, you'd get a free long sleeved t-shirt.  Hey, I'll give blood to get a free shirt.  Then I decided to give away the shirt to a friend.  Her son is doing chemo, and he is using blood products now and then.  I'd almost forgotten about the free shirt offer, figured I missed it.  But they had just three more days with the shirt offer, and I asked about an open appt...  and he had one opening in an hour.  Just enough time to go home to get a short sleeve shirt and then come back. 
So I'm thinking I was at the right place, at the right time.  That it was supposed to work out.  And lots of things worked out like that for me today.  Which made it a good day.  And I'll finish it with a needle in my hand.  Even better. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Couple of Days...

Just a couple of days into this one so far...
Kathy Barrick's Autumn on Lazy Bear Mountain.  On Ivory 28 count jobelan, one over one, dmc floss.  I just wanted to start it, do the frame, see how the colors worked together.  This is the right half basically.  Looking at this, I realize where I stitch next makes no sense. 
I have to do paperwork, and clean the house, and that means lots less stitching...  starting tomorrow. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Exactly how to lose a Paying Customer

Filling in on this one continues...

Today is a week since I emailed the other designer and asked about missing stitches on her pattern.
She told me she'd get back to me in two days...  it's now been seven days - and I sent her the photo showing exactly where I was talking about... 
The Heart's Content is that designer. 
That's been MY customer experience.  
If I have to email her repeatedly to beg again and again...  that's not a pleasant stitching experience.  But it is a way to lose a customer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


It really seems like there should be more done.
I haven't heard anything more about the missing stitches on the other pattern.
And I was reading the facebook page of yet another designer, and she left a bad taste in my mouth, so I'm going to need some time before picking up that other large project again. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Stitching Along...

Stitching along...

Nice to stitch the quilt blocks.
I felt like I must be nearly half done - and then I see the photo and laugh.   Not remotely close to half.  It's a little more than 8.5 inches square when completed.

Friday, February 17, 2017

This week....

This is how far I got when I hit the straw that broke me.

And as women know - it's always something small and stupid that can be that final straw.  
The pattern is just missing a section of stitches on the pattern.   I looked for a page for corrections - there is none.  So I emailed and begged for the missing section of stitches.  I don't like to do that.  It's an older pattern, I'm not the first person to hit this.  
** She emailed me in just a few hours and says nobody has ever brought this up...  she will check into it and get back to me in the next couple days.  
 So I tried to shift my mind - pick a new pattern, a new plan, a new attitude.  I wasn't sure what to pick, so I figured I'd just get stuff to do borders and outlines for several patterns, and I made a list of a couple patterns to go get dmc the next day.  But that changed by morning, and I decided to do that for four patterns, and then I got confused... So I checked out and had 48 skeins of dmc...  48 for just outlines and basics?   I had to have messed up...  But I felt better, and I sorted it out, cut some fabric, and felt lots better.   So I started this one - Little House Needleworks - Orchard Valley Quilting Bee.   I'm enjoying it, but I've messed up and tried to put a line row right into the center quilt area.  But I didn't get too far before catching it and feeling dumb. 
Ivory jobelan, 28 count, dmc floss. 

And I cut some of the same Ivory jobelan 28 count to do the Kathy Barrick pattern, and start those borders if I got sick of, or didn't like the other one. 

And this is where the stitches are just missing - see how those green loops link to air?  Something obviously not there...   They don't even link to each other.  But the rest of it does link - it's just missing a section.  Something...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Idea Stage

 This ended up in the hoop.  And this is the first skein of dmc floss completed.  Heart's Content, Splendor XX Romance.  But the plan is to do the the border, and the angels, and outline the banner.  Just in this much, there have been probably 30 pattern errors.  I know it happens - but..
And hers is personalized with initials that I'd change, but I don't know to what yet, so it's just filling in parts I know I want to keep.  28 count china pearl jobelan, and dmc 814 floss.  It's about 9.75 inches square.  I know it's not going to last long in the hoop.  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Calling it done.

I'm calling it done.
And yep, I changed a few things, and omitted a few things.  But I'm ready to move on, and it's just going into a stack of finished but not framed, and probably never will be framed.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Still Plugging Away At It

I am still on this...
My excuse is I got sick with a cold, the flu, something.  
I am trying to get back to a budget this month.  But tonight I was looking for a cross stitch pattern that is now out of print I guess...  and then I found it.  Old stock, and half price at that.  So I looked more... and found a few more things half off...  and then it said in just hours, the football sale would start, and it would be 20% MORE off...  so I waited...  and shopped...  and if you picked which team wins that SuperBowl game - if you get it right - it's free shipping...    Oh, that's a deal worth playing...  So at midnight, I placed my order.   And now I actually care about who wins that stupid football game.  It's worth $11 in shipping if I guessed right.  The sale is at Stitches n' Things...  but only good till that football game starts.  **
**  I guessed the right team.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Filling In

I re-watched all 10 episodes of Making a Murderer.  You would think I'd be nearly done, but I'm not. 
But a girl and sheep are seen now.  I omitted the text at the bottom, so I think adding more leaves and berries will make that less obvious, and balance it overall.
I got rid of two working tvs a while back.  Less in the house is good.  This week my bedroom tv gave up, making me wonder if getting rid of extras is a good thing or not.  I went out and got a brand new tv, and took the broke one to be recycled.  But I'm going to have to rearrange the furniture to make it fit... and it takes up more dresser space, so I'm not sure where that stuff goes.  It's now a whole project. 
Or today, I could just stitch....    Stitch?, or move furniture and clean?  There are some decisions that are too easy to make. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

After a week....

After a week of stitching.  Those single stitch borders around the windows are my downfall on this project, most of them are not done yet.  Stitched one of the sheep, but it didn't really show, so I'll try a different color.  It's a project that has been kitted up and waiting for years.