Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quaker Virtues Progress #2

Here is this weeks progress on Quaker Virtues from Bygone Stitches.

I'm pleased with the progress, considering that I started it June 12.
Just a couple of days over 6 weeks, about 49 days now.

Glad to finally be far enough to get accurate measurements for a frame.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ring Of Roses

This is Ring of Roses from The Silver Lining.

It's been a while, but I think that all this one needs is still just back stitching.
It really is a beautiful design.

This was also the reason for me to invest in a mat cutter that will cut ovals and circles.

Done one over one on 28 count even weave.

Sterling Silver

This is my progress on Sterling Silver from The Silver Lining.

I think that all it still needs is lots of back stitching.
So close, but still not done.


This is my progress on Broadway from The Silver Lining.

Still have just a few stitches to do, and backstitching yet.

Dimples Designs Eyes

These are the eye patterns from Dimples Designs.

They are all done on 28 count even weave, one over one.

And one of them is done twice. He's my favorite.

I do love these designs and wish that he had continued to do the series.

Mariners Compass Quilt Blocks

This is what happens at my house when you repaint a room and don't have anything to hang up on the walls.

I had taken a quilting class to learn to make paper pieced mariners compass blocks.
These are those blocks.
I'd never gotten around to making enough of them to have a quilt, so these were just sitting in the drawer.
So mom suggested that we frame them and put them up on the wall.
I thought that they would be boring to just have two rows of three, or four and two...
so I decided to set them on point to add more interest.

It's not every day that you have to know how to hang 6 square frames on point, and get it to all look balanced on the wall...

I know that I wouldn't have made more of these blocks. I didn't feel that they would hold up in a quilt top, so that this was a nice way to put them to use.

Gathering Of Roses

This is Gathering Of Roses from Told In A Garden.

I've changed the pattern so that is it just the girl, no text, no ring of roses around her.

There is a long story behind me completing this. My mother bought me this pattern, and material to do it, more than 15 years ago. At the time it was to be done on a linen. I hate stitching on linen, and prefer an even weave every time. But the store sample was on that linen, and it was beautiful, so I decided to try it. I got it about 90% done, but some where in the basket of flowers I was off, I don't know where I lost my place, but I knew that I had the choice to just finish it, and fake part of the basket design, and part of the flowers. It would have been something that I could have done, and I could have done it well enough to not be able to tell.

But I would always know that it was something that I had screwed up.

I kept it for years, not being able to complete it, not being able to throw it away.

A couple of years ago, I finally decided to throw it away. It would always be my mistake, I would always know. I decided to throw it away, and not look back.

This year I decided that I still really liked that pattern, and I did want to complete her. That I still wanted a picture of her in my home.
Got out an old piece of 25 count lugana in moss green, and stitched her one over one.

I got her done in a very short time period. Less than a month, less than a couple of weeks, or even less than one week, I really don't remember. All I do remember is that she had waited so long for me to just begin again, and that I had wasted so much time before I began her again, and that waiting and wondering what I should do was a waste of energy.

And now when I see her hanging on the wall smiling, that's what she represents to me.
That sometimes you just need to toss the past and move on. You can't spend too much time trying to fix all the little things along the way, and if you find yourself doing that, then you may need to just toss it, and begin again.

And it was my first try at cutting a circle with a mat cutter. It takes a bit of practice and patience, but I think it looks much nicer than a square cut mat.

Paradigm Lost Progress

This is my progress on Paradigm Lost from Long Dog Samplers

Done as a companion to Mouline Rouge in the same dmc 930 on 28 count even weave.

I don't care for the font of the lower case letters in the design area, so I'm considering using the lowers case letters from the Mouline Rouge pattern, or just omitting them completely.

Companion Quaker Christmas Tree Sampler

This is Companion Quaker Christmas Tree Sampler from Carriage House Samplings.

Done at the same time to be a companion piece to the Quaker Christmas Sampler by the same company. Also done one over one on 28 count moss / celadon lugana.

I left off the stars on the sides of the tree and completed the stars at the tree base.
I also trimmed the 'x' so it didn't look so much like back to back 'c' to my eye.

Quaker Christmas Samplers

This is one design, of the pair of designs from Quaker Christmas Samplers by Carriage House Samplings pattern.

Done on a 28 count lugana moss / celadon.

These were the colors that I had attempted to do the Quaker Christmas pattern.
I decided that using two colors is just too busy for my eye, or it doesn't have that 'simple quaker' feel of just using a single color. I like that pattern, but it just loses that 'quaker' feeling for me.

Pansies from the Tea Garden Pattern

These are the Pansies part of the Tea Garden Pattern from Lavender and Lace. The one on the left is done on 28 count even weave, and the one on the right is done on 25 count moss green lugana. Both are done one over one.

Quaker Sampler In Red

Here is my completed Quaker Sampler In Red from The Stitching Parlor.

I changed the letters of the initials to just the year.
I've also done this pattern a second time with Weeks Dye Works thread in the Mulberry color.
It matched the purple suede mat closer than any dmc color that I could find.

Mouline Rouge

Here's my completed Mouline Rouge by Long Dog Samplers.

Done one over one with dmc 930 on 28 count even weave.

I did this pattern twice, once for me, once for my mother, both exactly the same except for the initials. Dmc 930 because it's one of the colors in my bedroom curtains.

It took 6 skeins of thread to complete it, and slightly more thread the second time, but still less than 1 more skein. Don't know why.

I shifted the 'h' and the 'r', or swapped their locations, they just seemed to fit better, and not look as crowded in the space.

Quaker Christmas Progress

Here's my progress on Quaker Christmas from ByGone Stitches so far.

Actually I started it once before in green, and doing the letters in red.
I started in the middle, and some where managed to shift the pattern a few stitches.
After that I could tell that I would end up just fighting the pattern the rest of the design.
I decided that I'd rather restart and enjoy stitching it, so I tossed it into the trash and started over. I also preferred the red for the overall design over the dmc green that didn't feel very much like Christmas.

Stitching it one over one on 28 count jobelan with dmc 815.

I'd like to change a couple of the designs on the pattern and replace them with different designs.
I've adjusted a few things like the three tulips so that they weren't so close to the edges of the box surrounding them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quaker Virtues Progress

I'm starting this because I was looking for a completed photo of the "Quaker Virtues" pattern from ByGone Stitches.
I could only find the pattern cover that was incomplete and one other person that wasn't too far along.

So here's a photo of mine so far, done one over one, on 28 count Raspberry jobelan, using just plain dmc 310 black.
I'm on my 6th skein of thread.
I seem to prefer quaker designs done in a single color, so it's just my personal preference for my stitching this design. I started it June 12, so this is my progress at almost 6 weeks.

And as the blog says, I don't really like the inconsistency of the small alphabet letters, so I've decided to omit them from this pattern. It's a personal choice, and I may change my mind and go back to add the letters using a different font letters, or small icons. At the moment, I don't miss them, or notice gaps and spaces in the pattern.

And let me just say, I like a design that mirrors an image. If it's one way on the left, it should be the same on the right side, or top to bottom. I won't call it a mistake in the pattern, because I believe it may have been the designers intention to not make it symmetrical, but I do try to correct those as I do the pattern so that it is more pleasing to my eye.

I am enjoying stitching this pattern, and I think that the design is really nice.

I'm hoping to post more photos of other designs that I've completed. Sometimes I'm just searching the web for ideas and seeing different color combinations gives me ideas of both things I'd like to try, and things I don't like. I'm borrowing a camera, and getting pictures that don't have a large "flash" dot in the middle of the stitching has been my challenge.