Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gathering Of Roses

This is Gathering Of Roses from Told In A Garden.

I've changed the pattern so that is it just the girl, no text, no ring of roses around her.

There is a long story behind me completing this. My mother bought me this pattern, and material to do it, more than 15 years ago. At the time it was to be done on a linen. I hate stitching on linen, and prefer an even weave every time. But the store sample was on that linen, and it was beautiful, so I decided to try it. I got it about 90% done, but some where in the basket of flowers I was off, I don't know where I lost my place, but I knew that I had the choice to just finish it, and fake part of the basket design, and part of the flowers. It would have been something that I could have done, and I could have done it well enough to not be able to tell.

But I would always know that it was something that I had screwed up.

I kept it for years, not being able to complete it, not being able to throw it away.

A couple of years ago, I finally decided to throw it away. It would always be my mistake, I would always know. I decided to throw it away, and not look back.

This year I decided that I still really liked that pattern, and I did want to complete her. That I still wanted a picture of her in my home.
Got out an old piece of 25 count lugana in moss green, and stitched her one over one.

I got her done in a very short time period. Less than a month, less than a couple of weeks, or even less than one week, I really don't remember. All I do remember is that she had waited so long for me to just begin again, and that I had wasted so much time before I began her again, and that waiting and wondering what I should do was a waste of energy.

And now when I see her hanging on the wall smiling, that's what she represents to me.
That sometimes you just need to toss the past and move on. You can't spend too much time trying to fix all the little things along the way, and if you find yourself doing that, then you may need to just toss it, and begin again.

And it was my first try at cutting a circle with a mat cutter. It takes a bit of practice and patience, but I think it looks much nicer than a square cut mat.

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