Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quaker Virtues Progress

I'm starting this because I was looking for a completed photo of the "Quaker Virtues" pattern from ByGone Stitches.
I could only find the pattern cover that was incomplete and one other person that wasn't too far along.

So here's a photo of mine so far, done one over one, on 28 count Raspberry jobelan, using just plain dmc 310 black.
I'm on my 6th skein of thread.
I seem to prefer quaker designs done in a single color, so it's just my personal preference for my stitching this design. I started it June 12, so this is my progress at almost 6 weeks.

And as the blog says, I don't really like the inconsistency of the small alphabet letters, so I've decided to omit them from this pattern. It's a personal choice, and I may change my mind and go back to add the letters using a different font letters, or small icons. At the moment, I don't miss them, or notice gaps and spaces in the pattern.

And let me just say, I like a design that mirrors an image. If it's one way on the left, it should be the same on the right side, or top to bottom. I won't call it a mistake in the pattern, because I believe it may have been the designers intention to not make it symmetrical, but I do try to correct those as I do the pattern so that it is more pleasing to my eye.

I am enjoying stitching this pattern, and I think that the design is really nice.

I'm hoping to post more photos of other designs that I've completed. Sometimes I'm just searching the web for ideas and seeing different color combinations gives me ideas of both things I'd like to try, and things I don't like. I'm borrowing a camera, and getting pictures that don't have a large "flash" dot in the middle of the stitching has been my challenge.

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