Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ink Circles - Cirque des Cercles - Circles Pattern

Here is a photo of my Ink Circles - Cirque des Cercles completed and framed.
I used 25 count lugana black, one over one. I used Weeks Dye Works floss in the color Whiskey, which is a variegated thread.
The frame was from Michaels and was right off the shelf, 11 x 14 I think.
It appears matted, but is not, just the border of the black fabric that it was stitched on.
I also did the companion triangles pattern, same fabric, same thread, same frame.

And just to humor you, there are 19870 individual stitches in this pattern. At least the way that it looks above there are. I'm sure that I adjusted the pattern slightly when something didn't mirror the other side of the circle.

Both of the designs are framed behind glass, and so the photos don't do them justice.
I liked the version that Marc Davis did with the DMC thread, but that wasn't available to me, so tried the Whiskey instead, and I'm very happy with the results.

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