Friday, August 29, 2008

Just A Stitching Pause...

There has been a slight pause in my stitching while I've been trying to get a new car.
So much stress in trying to get everything done, that I've lost 10 pounds this week.
That's the only bonus from it all.
Mentally I'm exhausted.

I started a new small stitching project. Quaker Diamond.
Stitched with Weeks Dye Works - Mulberry Thread.
One over one on 32 count, with the parts that are suppose to have one over two done, still done one over one, but using 4 small stitches to be the same as one over two.
Did it for my mother, this ones for me.

Tried to finish up a bit more on Paradigm Lost.

Working on drawing out the last design on Quaker Virtues to find the mistakes that I can see are there. At least my version of her design will make sense for me to stitch. I can see that it's shifted a couple of places, and because it's the design on the corner angle, my eye can't see where the stitches need to be, or not be. Just re-drawing it will now, will let me just stitch it later instead of having to correct the pattern in my head while stitching.

Still want to change a couple of designs on the Quaker Christmas pattern. Just don't care for the flowers in the vases cut in half. Needs better flowers if nothing else to make it look better to my eye.

Just not enough hours in my day.
But things should be shifting back to normal now that I have a new car, and that ordeal is over.
I'm playing catch up for a few days with normal household things, and then I'll be back in front of the television and stitching again.

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