Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quaker Virtues Progress Photo #5

Still working on Quaker Virtues from Bygone Stitches.
I replaced the butterfly design in the bottom right side with a partial design from the Long Dog Scarlet Ribands pattern. I've also gone back and entered the numbers to the design, and swapped the 4 and the 8 in the upper right side. The numbers are all there, but I re-formed some of them slightly to be more pleasing to my eye. I re-formed the 'G'. The rabbit returned to the design, but not in the same location. It's going to take me a bit extra to get the last design on there, I can see that the last big design is a few stitches off here and there, so I want to figure it out before I start to stitch.
I'm ready to move on to another project, and hope to have this one completed yet this week.
At this point, I'm still intending to omit the lowercase letters completely.

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