Wednesday, August 20, 2008

St. Sylvestre from Long Dog Samplers

Here's a photo of St. Sylvestre from Long Dog Samplers. It's done on black lugana or jobelan, 25 or 28 count. It was done with Weeks Dye Works Whiskey colored thread which is variegated.
It's stitched one over one.
My mother liked the pattern and it's 'lacy' look, so it was a gift to her.
I added a stitch or two to the arrow points to make them true arrow points, and skipped the outline thread backstitching that ran along the inside and outside of the circle in the open areas.
The picture doesn't do the design justice, and it is a very pretty design, and it stitches pretty quickly. Didn't know whether to do all the fussy backstitching in the pattern itself because I wasn't sure if it would show anyway. I decided to followed that part of the pattern, and it does add to the texture and lace feel by adding those details.

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