Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Quite There Yet

It was a nice day today.

I finished the Quaker Diamond pattern last night. An unframed and framed photo should appear soon. Last time I did this same pattern, with the same thread, and same material, I seemed to think that the design was square, but just a diamond.

I was wrong. And the mat that I cut was not right, but was very close, and I could not seem to quite put my finger on what I was doing wrong. Now I look at it and realize that the center design is not square, so why would the rest of the design be square. So this time in cutting the mat, I'll keep that in mind, but it will also mean that it takes me more thought to get it right. I don't cut mats often enough to be good and quick at it.

Shopped today and got a frame for it. Half price, but the store almost always is selling the frames for half off. So I'll have the stuff to complete the project as soon as I get the mat figured out.

Also shopped for a frame and mat for Quaker Christmas and Quaker Virtues.
The Quaker Christmas will be matted and put in an 11 x 14 frame. Haven't decided whether to mat it in a green mat, or a red or maroon suede mat. Depends on how close the reds are.
Found a black frame that I'm happy with, and it was also half price.

Shopped for suede mat scraps, that are normally $2 for the framers scraps. But the scraps were all too small for what I needed. There was one gray and two reds. Nice, but both not big enough, and the wrong colors.
So looked at their samples, and asked if they happened to have any of the black suede, knowing that it would either cost $35+ or it would be something that they would have to order.

She goes to the back and they have a piece, and she offers it to me for $5. It is a very large piece. I couldn't say SOLD, fast enough. And it was black core...
I asked if she has anymore scraps that she wanted to get rid of. She brought out a red and a teal, also each $5. Not sure if I have much for the teal, but it's a nice large piece, and I can stitch using thread to match the teal, not try to find the project that matches the teal mat...

I got a 16 x 20 frame for the Quaker Virtues. That will leave me about 3 inches on each side around the design for the mat, and I'm hoping to use the black suede, black core mat for it.
It's stitched in black. The frame is just a wood, but it's a nice frame, and was also half off.

I'll still need to get a couple of pieces of glass for the larger frames, but that I can get locally.
I got glass for the Paradigm Lost last week, so all I need to do is finish stitching that project too.

Progress, just nothing that shows here yet.

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