Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hillside Samplings - Quaker Diamond

This is Hillside Samplings pattern - Quaker Diamond.
Both are done with Mulberry thread from Weeks Dye Works.
They both are done on the same fabric also, but I can't remember what it is at 3am....
The bottom one is completed and framed with a purple suede mat and black frame, and is at my mothers house.
It is stitched one over one in the center lettering, and one thread over two for the partial quaker blocks. I didn't know it when I cut the mat that the design is not square, so my mat is not a great fit to the design, but it didn't occur to me that was the problem at the time. I did my best, and you can see the result framed. Not great, not awful.
The top one is the same pattern again, but done one over one in the center letters, and then also one over one to make up the rest of the design. Instead of one large stitch over two threads, I took four small stitches to cover the same area as the large stitch.
It's done, but not matted or framed yet.
And I also only used one color, not two as the pattern recommends. I just seem to prefer Quaker designs in a single color. I associate Quaker with simple, and a single color plays into that for me.
It's just a personal preference.

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