Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twilight - a closer view

Here is a closer view of the Twilight progress.
If you are wondering the size of a page, the empty box on the second row is a page. It's mostly sky and black background, so I did the woman's head. I think that the grid is 8 pages across, and 5 pages down. Don't quote me on that.
I am hoping to just finish stitching the pages that I have started, and then stop and go back and finish some of the other projects that I have started. I picked it up again as a distraction from my other projects, not as a project that I intended to finish anytime soon.
But I don't see that I will finish this anytime soon.
So far I have not made any major mistakes. I have shifted a stitch, but only one stitch, and only over one placement. And if you can look at her hair and know that I put one light blue stitch one stitch over from the correct location on the pattern, then good for you. I've done this maybe five times so far, and never in an area that mattered. In her hair, on the flowers on her purple skirt, in the brown cap. Not like I messed up and moved over her eye...
I'm happy with the fact that I haven't had any major mistakes so far.
It's a big project, I'm sure that I'll mess something up yet.

Sorry about not cropping the photos better. My computer is losing it's second drive, and my programs are split between drives. The photo cropping program isn't working at the moment.

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