Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quaker Christmas Progress - None Since Last Time

Here is a photo of Quaker Christmas. It is my next project to finish.
I want to redesign the two motifs that are half planted pot designs at the bottom of the pattern.
At the moment, that's what's holding up any progress.
I have the mat sized and cut, and the 11 x 14 frame waiting for me to just finish stitching this pattern.

Last night I just really wanted to start a new design instead of finishing up any of the 'too many to count' started projects....
It was like just wanting candy, and knowing that you just really need to stay on your diet, but that candy just keeps calling from the kitchen...
Those other patterns just kept calling me... Start me... Stitch me...

Quaker Virtues - Stitching Completed

Here is a photo of Quaker Virtues with the stitching completed.
I corrected the design in the upper right angle design because there were mistakes in the pattern. I stitched the same idea of a design so that it would fit into the same space, but I may have added or lost a few stitches in doing that, so it's not an exact match for the pattern.
Actually there were several mistakes in the pattern that I've just corrected as I've stitched. I replaced one motif on the right bottom side. The original design has butterflies, but it wasn't balanced to my eye, so I changed it. I've chosen to omit all the lower case letters, just as a personal choice. If I felt that left a gap, I may have filled it in with a few stitches of something else. I may have changed a letter slightly to please my eye, like the capital G, but I don't count that as a pattern error.
This photo isn't an exact sample of what the pattern would look like if you stitched it, but it will give you a better idea than if you just have the Quaker Virtues pattern cover photo to go by...
I thought that this came out about the size of a table place mat.

Stitched on 28 count, one over one, with dmc black.
I am matting it with black suede into a 16 x 20 frame, and will take a final photo when it's done.
It was a very nice design, and a pleasure to stitch, and I'm looking forward to seeing future patterns from the same designer.....

Quaker Diamond - Finished Photo

Here is a final photo of Hillside Samplings - Quaker Diamond.
I cut my own mat, and was very pleased with the results.
I followed the pattern, but stitched it one over one on the corner motifs.
If you want to see it stitched one over two, there is another photo of it done that way in this blog.
I also made the b and d look more alike, lowered the middle of the e one row, made the m and n more equal, and shifted the y one row to the left or right because I miscounted...
Added a stitch at the f and t, added a stitch on the right corner to make a point...

The pattern calls for two colors, but I think that this looks just fine done in a single color.
Done on 32 count, one over one, Mulberry thread from Weeks Dye Works that matched the purple suede mat. The frame size is an 8 x 8 square, and the mat was cut 8 x 8.
The cut out is 5 3/4 from top to bottom, and 6 from side to side. The pattern itself is not square, and is slightly diamond shaped.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Latest Photo Of Twilight Pattern from HAED

Here is the latest photo of Twilight.
43,941 stitches completed.
9 pages completed.
Time for it to be set aside and I'll finish a few other stitching projects before it gets picked back up again. After all, I still have 31 pages more to finish before it's done...
I should figure out the total number of stitches in the pattern. Let me get that...
450 X 338 = 152,100

If you need a comparison, Ink Circles pattern, Cirques des Cercles, has 19,870 complete stitches.
At least mine does..., which shows I had way too much time on my hands that I know that trivia fact.
At least next time, it will be a photograph of something else completed or framed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

HAED's Twilight Pattern Progress Photo

Here is a photo to show my progress on "Twilight".
I have 7 pages completed and 2 in progress, pages 5 and 13.
The pattern is 8 pages across, and 5 pages down.
I've been stitching for hours on end just trying to get this section done, then I'll finish some of my other projects and then come back to this one again later. I would burn out looking at the same design for 40 pages. It was difficult to stay interested when I had 5 pages going at the same time, and hard to see any progress from day to day.
It's nice to stitch because it is different than anything else that I've stitched, but I'm glad this wasn't my first stitching project. I would feel defeated at this point.
As it is, I'm feeling like I should go back and finish the first page in the second row.
On the other hand, it will be a nice easy part to do as I get back into the feel of this design next time I return to stitch it again.