Saturday, October 18, 2008

HAED's Twilight Pattern Progress Photo

Here is a photo to show my progress on "Twilight".
I have 7 pages completed and 2 in progress, pages 5 and 13.
The pattern is 8 pages across, and 5 pages down.
I've been stitching for hours on end just trying to get this section done, then I'll finish some of my other projects and then come back to this one again later. I would burn out looking at the same design for 40 pages. It was difficult to stay interested when I had 5 pages going at the same time, and hard to see any progress from day to day.
It's nice to stitch because it is different than anything else that I've stitched, but I'm glad this wasn't my first stitching project. I would feel defeated at this point.
As it is, I'm feeling like I should go back and finish the first page in the second row.
On the other hand, it will be a nice easy part to do as I get back into the feel of this design next time I return to stitch it again.

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