Thursday, October 23, 2008

Latest Photo Of Twilight Pattern from HAED

Here is the latest photo of Twilight.
43,941 stitches completed.
9 pages completed.
Time for it to be set aside and I'll finish a few other stitching projects before it gets picked back up again. After all, I still have 31 pages more to finish before it's done...
I should figure out the total number of stitches in the pattern. Let me get that...
450 X 338 = 152,100

If you need a comparison, Ink Circles pattern, Cirques des Cercles, has 19,870 complete stitches.
At least mine does..., which shows I had way too much time on my hands that I know that trivia fact.
At least next time, it will be a photograph of something else completed or framed.

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