Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fire Flower By Needlemania - Marc Davis

Here's a photo of Fire Flower from Needlemania and Marc Davis.
It's done on 25 count black, one over one, with Weeks Dye Works 'Whiskey' thread.
Whiskey is a variegated thread. It's about 3.5 x 5.3 inches.
It took less that a packet of thread to complete.
It took me 3 days to stitch.

The frame is a cheap Wallyworld 6 x 8. The frame is something that I already had, but seems to be a nice size for the design. In the photo the frame is just laying on top of the fabric.

It will hang with the Ink Circles Triangles and Circles designs that are done with the same thread and fabric.

When I originally wanted the variegated DMC thread, it was not available in any local stores, but the Weeks Dye Works thread was. It was stretching my budget to buy the more expensive thread, and the first time that I'd used a fancier more expensive thread. I'm sure I'll die with lots of thread, but I won't die with fancy expensive thread. I'm using it all up.

I'm trying to live by - 'use it up, wear it out'.

And stitching this new project was a reward for completing three other projects from my past.
Now back to finishing up three other projects again, until I'm caught up.

And naturally, I changed something. The four corners had a bit more backstitching of points on the pattern. I liked it just fine without the extra corner stitching.

I know that there was a pattern correction on his web-site, and I'd printed it out knowing that I had the pattern. But when I couldn't find the correction sheet that I'd printed, I also couldn't find it out on the net anymore either. I didn't find the error when I stitched the pattern, but I just stitched the top half, flipped the frame 180 degrees, and stitched the top half again.
Weird, but I figured it would be symmetrical, with or without the error.

I do have to admit to having to tear out and restitch areas twice because I didn't count right.
Just when I think I'm beyond having that happen, it happens a couple of times, and I spend hours fixing my mistakes.

It was a very nice design, and I thought it was going to be the size of a piece of paper, and it's more the size of a postcard. That worked just fine for me, and I just needed and wanted a quick project. I'm glad to see that Marc Davis is getting more and more of his designs published.
I've been watching his website and blog for a while, and he's a very talented man.

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