Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quaker Christmas - Stitching Completed

Finished stitching Quaker Christmas from ByGone Stitches.

It doesn't match the pattern. I changed parts of the two half vase designs that are on the bottom of the pattern. I changed the initials into the year, and I omitted where the year was to be placed. I reformed the numbers to not slant so much. I changed the 'Y' and 'J' in JOY, I moved in the three tulips in the vase on the right side so that they weren't so close to the edges of the box surrounding them. I corrected the motif to the left of the MERRY CHRISTMAS, because it was missing a row of stitches. If you add the row back in it still fits in the same area without moving anything else, but you have to allow for the extra row. I leveled out the O and E in NOEL.
I'm sure there are other things that I don't remember doing, but did just to please my eye.

I always knew that I didn't like the flowers in the vases, and would change them, but I waited way too late to try to change or adjust any letters or numbers. It was poor planning on my part. I think that I could have balanced my changes better, and that is all my fault.

I had originally started this design in green and had planned on using this same red for the lettering, and a gold like the pattern. But I wasn't happy with my choice for the green, and when I shifted my stitching somewhere in the pattern, I decided it would be less frustrating and quicker to just start over. I like the fact that it's a cheery red, and yet the red alone doesn't scream Christmas, and I can leave it hanging all year around. It just becomes a Quaker design.

It will get framed with a red suede mat and be finished soon, and a final photo will be posted.

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