Friday, December 26, 2008

Matter's Choice Start

This is one day of working on Matter's Choice from Carriage House Samplings.
It's on 25 count black lugana, and stitched with DMC 111, one over one.
It was one of the new patterns that I got a few days ago.
I've wanted to try the dmc 111, but this is my first attempt with it. I think that it might not have been a good choice. I think that variegated color may work better with more abstract designs than letters or building and birds. Some of the other photos may look like dmc 111, but they are Weeks Dye Works - whiskey color. I think that I prefer the Weeks product, as the color changes are softer.
And I'm also trying to remember that I have to add the 'U' to the pattern.
I understand that actual old patterns left off letters occasionally, but it drives me crazy if I can easily fix it. There patterns that I love that I don't buy because the missing letters bother me, and I would have to redraw out the pattern and that would just take up more time than I'm willing to give to some patterns.
I thought Matter's Choice was just the same pattern twice, once with the alphabet, and once without, but I was pleasantly surprised to notice that there are two different patterns.
If nothing else I can look at this at a bit of a sample try of the dmc thread, and practice on stitching on black lugana again. I've got my order in for the new Ink Circles pattern. I'm just waiting for it to show up in my mailbox. When it does, everything else is going to fall to the side so that I can work on the new diamond design.

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