Monday, December 15, 2008

Needle Station by A Stitchers Hands

Needle Station from A Stitcher's Hands. Done on 28 count evenweave, one over one, with the DMC colors. Replaced the main color that is the dark "Needles" and center with something else.
I adjusted the "N" so that it appeared more like the other letters, as it was not a double row of stitches on the uprights of the letter. I moved the year date to the top, and put a simple heart at the bottom. I omitted the crowns at the sides of the design. Considered adding hearts there, but I have settled on just the blank area at the moment. I also decided against all the colors in the vees at the ends of the frames, again feeling that simpler was better, and just used the darkest of the flower colors. I was never too happy about the light green, but I didn't think that I could find anything else that I would like that would still provide the proper contrast between the greens that was needed, so I just followed that pattern choices.

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