Monday, December 15, 2008

St Reatham from Long Dog Samplers

Here is my progress on St Reatham from Long Dog Samplers.
This is my progress after one week of stitching.
It's done on 28 count Jobelan in a Lambswool color with 815 dmc thread.
Why 815? Because I had leftovers from doing the Quaker Christmas project. I'm still trying to use it up, and wear it out. This is what I had in the stash that seemed to work.
I wanted something masculine, and the red on white wasn't going to be masculine, but this wasn't too bad. I still have leftover red suede mat that I'm hoping to use, so again this color made sense to me. Rough numbers showed that matting it might make it a bit too big, but it's still an option.
Of course, deciding to start a new project at midnight on a Sunday night and trying to decide on fabric and colors at the time probably was my first bad idea, but I'm happy with the color and fabric.
So far, I've adjusted the reindeer bodies, and I know that I'm going to even out the spacing of the numbers that are missing. I'm not wild about the eyes on the griffins, they show less on the actual fabric.
I'm now working on the bottom row, and end of the alphabet. I try to start a pattern at the bottom right because I'm left handed. I enjoy Long Dog Patterns very much, and I'm always looking forward to seeing the next designs. This is my third design after Moulin Rouge, and Paridigm Lost. I'm still adding an alternative lower case alphabet to Paradigm Lost, but not steady enough to finish it at the moment.

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