Tuesday, December 23, 2008

St Reatham progress photo

Latest progress photo of St Reatham from Long Dog Samplers that was started Dec 4.
The photo has a bit of a shadow that's not really there. I've added a bit to the claw of the lower left griffin, and adjusted the side rabbit's foot, added a few stitches to correct a design above the key.
Mostly I'm praying that when I get to the top, that I'm on the correct pattern line. I know better than to do this, but I also know that my goal is to fix the large designs and fit them into the remaining spaces. I'm already really sick of this red, and would love to do a different project,
especially after getting some new patterns and fabric in the mail yesterday. I ordered the new Ink Circles pattern, fabric, and floss, and don't expect to see it till after January 1, but that will be the next project, and I know that I won't have this one done yet, no matter how many more hours I try to stitch between now and then.

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