Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hillside Samplings - Quaker Diamond

This is Hillside Samplings pattern - Quaker Diamond.
Both are done with Mulberry thread from Weeks Dye Works.
They both are done on the same fabric also, but I can't remember what it is at 3am....
The bottom one is completed and framed with a purple suede mat and black frame, and is at my mothers house.
It is stitched one over one in the center lettering, and one thread over two for the partial quaker blocks. I didn't know it when I cut the mat that the design is not square, so my mat is not a great fit to the design, but it didn't occur to me that was the problem at the time. I did my best, and you can see the result framed. Not great, not awful.
The top one is the same pattern again, but done one over one in the center letters, and then also one over one to make up the rest of the design. Instead of one large stitch over two threads, I took four small stitches to cover the same area as the large stitch.
It's done, but not matted or framed yet.
And I also only used one color, not two as the pattern recommends. I just seem to prefer Quaker designs in a single color. I associate Quaker with simple, and a single color plays into that for me.
It's just a personal preference.

Twilight - a closer view

Here is a closer view of the Twilight progress.
If you are wondering the size of a page, the empty box on the second row is a page. It's mostly sky and black background, so I did the woman's head. I think that the grid is 8 pages across, and 5 pages down. Don't quote me on that.
I am hoping to just finish stitching the pages that I have started, and then stop and go back and finish some of the other projects that I have started. I picked it up again as a distraction from my other projects, not as a project that I intended to finish anytime soon.
But I don't see that I will finish this anytime soon.
So far I have not made any major mistakes. I have shifted a stitch, but only one stitch, and only over one placement. And if you can look at her hair and know that I put one light blue stitch one stitch over from the correct location on the pattern, then good for you. I've done this maybe five times so far, and never in an area that mattered. In her hair, on the flowers on her purple skirt, in the brown cap. Not like I messed up and moved over her eye...
I'm happy with the fact that I haven't had any major mistakes so far.
It's a big project, I'm sure that I'll mess something up yet.

Sorry about not cropping the photos better. My computer is losing it's second drive, and my programs are split between drives. The photo cropping program isn't working at the moment.

Twilight pattern from HAED

Here is a photo of my progress on the "Twilight" design from HAED.
The grid shows that I'm not very far along. I am still trying to finish up her blue hair, the never ending blue hair...
I think that this photo shows only 3 pages complete. Two in the top row of sky, and one in the second row with the woman's head completed. I believe that I have 4 more pages that I have started at the moment.
I'll post a closer view.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

HAED Twilight

I've been working on the HAED design "Twilight" by James C Christensen.
I'm doing it one over one on a 25 count white lugana.
It is my first HAED design, and my biggest project to tackle...
I did purchase a second design, but I'm not silly enough to have two of these monsters going at the same time. But I loved the second pattern, so I got it, and the material to do it was cut from the same yardage.

I picked it up again to kill some time because my arm was swollen from finding weeds that don't seem to like me, and now I'm just trying to finish up the pages that I have started. I have 4 of the 40 pages done completely. I have 3 pages that I have partially done that I'm working on at the moment. I'm not sure that those are the right numbers, but I'm too tired to go look.

I'll try to post a photo of my progress on this at some point soon. It's far enough that it's starting to show the picture, and not just be background and sky.

The old woman's blue hair is crazy. Just so many colors in it. And her face is over three different pages, so that's playing with my head and slowing me down.

I haven't decided if it's better to stick to just the page I'm working on, or check the next page and catch those stitches too. Since the pages don't always break on the 10, then I'm worried about shifting my counts.

I'm trying to stitch a bit each day, to wind down if nothing else. But I don't want to stitch when I'm really tired and screw it up. If in doubt, I stitch background and sky...
It just goes so slowly to see any real progress.

But last week for a couple of days I did get 8 hours or more of stitching done on it each day.

But it was only to do while swollen, and that's mostly gone now, so I need to get back to the other designs that were all nearly finished.
And I also need to get back to a quilt design that got sidelined while I was stitching.

There is never enough hours in the day to do the things we enjoy.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Quite There Yet

It was a nice day today.

I finished the Quaker Diamond pattern last night. An unframed and framed photo should appear soon. Last time I did this same pattern, with the same thread, and same material, I seemed to think that the design was square, but just a diamond.

I was wrong. And the mat that I cut was not right, but was very close, and I could not seem to quite put my finger on what I was doing wrong. Now I look at it and realize that the center design is not square, so why would the rest of the design be square. So this time in cutting the mat, I'll keep that in mind, but it will also mean that it takes me more thought to get it right. I don't cut mats often enough to be good and quick at it.

Shopped today and got a frame for it. Half price, but the store almost always is selling the frames for half off. So I'll have the stuff to complete the project as soon as I get the mat figured out.

Also shopped for a frame and mat for Quaker Christmas and Quaker Virtues.
The Quaker Christmas will be matted and put in an 11 x 14 frame. Haven't decided whether to mat it in a green mat, or a red or maroon suede mat. Depends on how close the reds are.
Found a black frame that I'm happy with, and it was also half price.

Shopped for suede mat scraps, that are normally $2 for the framers scraps. But the scraps were all too small for what I needed. There was one gray and two reds. Nice, but both not big enough, and the wrong colors.
So looked at their samples, and asked if they happened to have any of the black suede, knowing that it would either cost $35+ or it would be something that they would have to order.

She goes to the back and they have a piece, and she offers it to me for $5. It is a very large piece. I couldn't say SOLD, fast enough. And it was black core...
I asked if she has anymore scraps that she wanted to get rid of. She brought out a red and a teal, also each $5. Not sure if I have much for the teal, but it's a nice large piece, and I can stitch using thread to match the teal, not try to find the project that matches the teal mat...

I got a 16 x 20 frame for the Quaker Virtues. That will leave me about 3 inches on each side around the design for the mat, and I'm hoping to use the black suede, black core mat for it.
It's stitched in black. The frame is just a wood, but it's a nice frame, and was also half off.

I'll still need to get a couple of pieces of glass for the larger frames, but that I can get locally.
I got glass for the Paradigm Lost last week, so all I need to do is finish stitching that project too.

Progress, just nothing that shows here yet.