Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Restart Photo

Okay, this is my restart of the Quaker Alphabet Sampler.
With the grid the correct size. So not funny today.
I got this far in one night of stitching, but it was a long night of stitching. It makes me think that I could finish it in another night or two. But I should be working on the other designs.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One of those days...

It's just one of those days.
Decided to stitch a bit more on the Quaker Alphabet Sampler.
Just planned on adding a couple of letters to the grid.
It just looked so sad sitting there with no alphabet in the grid.
I made the grid with 15 x 15 openings. I counted and recounted, and counted and double checked.

The openings in the grid are 15 x 16 on the pattern.

Oh Well....

At least it was on scrap material.
At least I didn't stitch the whole grid out before finding this out.
At least it's a project the size of a postcard.

So I've restarted the project, and started in the center, and I'm doing both the letters and the grid together.
At least this will explain why the next photo looks different from the other grid.
Had to change fabrics to a 28 count Lambswool Jobelan.

Why is it that the easy projects are the ones that I seem to goof up on.
Luckily, it's easy enough to just start over. There aren't too many things in life that you can say that about.

Page 6 is done.

No new photo, but page 6 is done on the new ink circles pattern, and I think it's a fourth done overall.
I've wandered well into the page 5 and page 3 areas.
Haven't found anything to change, or any mistakes in the pattern.
It's been a pleasure to stitch it.
I'm hoping to complete a width and length to make sure it's the same size on this material since it should be, but things aren't always as they should be.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Start Cirque Des Carreaux

Here's the start of my Cirque Des Carreaux from Ink Circles.
This is just a bit more than one days stitching.
It's stitched on 25 count black lugana, one over one, with Weeks Dye Works Whiskey thread.
Done that way to match the other two Ink Circles patterns that I've completed.
Stitching all the diagonals does seem to be a bit disorienting sometimes. The other patterns didn't feel that way, and I'm hoping that my head gets used to it with a few more stitches.
I really like the pattern so far, and the graphs are easy to stitch from.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Race Is On

More progress on Bonjour. This is 10 days of stitching and less than 3 packs of dmc floss so far.
I got the email that the new Ink Circles design is in the mail to me, and I know that I'll have to be very close to done, or this one will be set aside. So now the race is on.

I'm also to the point that there are several things that I want to change in this pattern, and that will take extra time. I want to replace the chickens, probably with a rabbit. The area that is blank by the bug needs something different. I don't like the weird 'A' by the bug, and the long 'T' above it is too something next to the matching 'E'. And the windmill just doesn't work, it's just too plain or chunky. I'm a little bothered by the AETJ that are all lumped together, just looks a little clunky and squished together. None of that is there yet, and I can still change it or follow the pattern.

Things I've changed to far....
Added a few stitches to complete an 'E' above the acorns.
Added a few stitches to make the acorns look more like acorns.
Completed a leave in the string of leaves so the pattern didn't stop mid leaf.
Same thing with the string of flowers on both sides of the bar, and left out the stitch that attached the flowers to the bar.
Changed the front foot on the elephant.
Moved a few stitches in the left bottom corner design, but it's not stitched yet.
Added a few stitches to the rabbit's umbrella.
Moved the anchor to the right a couple of rows to fit the space better.

I just get to a point that I'm stitching and thinking - Just let me change that...

As to pattern errors, part of the side of the 'E' was missing completely, but obvious.
To me there have been a few 'extra' stitches, and looking at the design or letter before stitching lets you see them easily. So far, so good.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bonjour Progress

A progress photo for Bonjour. This is 5 days of stitching, and not halfway yet.
I'm happy with the way that it's going, and I've miscounted once so far, the rest of the changes were by choice. It's been a nice break from all the quaker style stitching.
I'm still waiting for the new Ink Circles pattern to arrive. The last time my order took a month, and there weren't holidays, so it might be the first of Feb before it shows up.
It was -29 degrees here yesterday, and the wind chill was a crazy number even lower, and the best weather to just stay home and stitch.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Just Had To Start Another Project

Okay, I just couldn't stand it, and had to start a new project.
I've lost my mind, and couldn't finish Paradigm, don't want to think hard enough to work on St. Reatham, Twilight I only want to work on if I can get a whole page done, and the new Ink Circles design hasn't arrived in my mailbox yet.
I'd planned on trying something to use the teal suede mat that I got for $5. This is the dmc 3848 on 28 count China Pearl jobelan, one over one.
The pattern is Bonjour by Mariska.
Since the mat board is large, I'm planning on stitching the Coeurs pattern also by Mariska with the same thread and fabric. They should finish at about 9 1/2 x 12, but they aren't the same, and one is an inch larger.
I was searching for something that I wouldn't have to think about, and could just stitch without looking to change. So far I found two areas in the corner flower and leaves that I fixed to make symmetrical, and the mouse had three legs, which didn't make sense to me.
And I know that when the new designs comes in the mail, this will be set off to the side.
Officially I know I'm crazy for starting something else.
And I should be cutting out quilt pieces to have the borders ready to sew on that project.
Glad it's cold and snowing so I have to stay home.

Paradigm Lost - Still Not Completed

Here's progress on Paradigm Lost again. I have the alphabet complete, and now I'm just doing filler where it seems to need a bit here and there. I've wandered away from the pattern, so now it's just me trying to find something that will fit into the gaps.
So close, but I just can't seem to stick with it to finish it before I just can't stand looking at it anymore.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Matter's Choice Completed

Here is a photo of Matter's Choice from Carriage House Samplings.
It's my first completion for 2009. Finished it last night, and got it into the frame today. The frame is an 8 x 8, and I was going to put Miss Mary Mack into it, but Miss Mary Mack seems to need matting with this frame, so I'll try to find something slightly smaller for Mary.
I'm happy that Matter's Choice was able to fit so nicely.
I'm still not too thrilled with the results of the DMC 111 thread with this design. I tried to mirror the colors a bit in the pattern, and I thinks it would have been much worse if I had just used it randomly.
Maybe there is a trick that I just don't know.
Anybody willing to tell me the trick to using variegated floss?

Needle Station Completed

This is a photo of the Needle Station by A Stitchers Hands.
It was one of the last things to finish out the end of the 2008 year, and finally got around to getting it into the frame yesterday. I'm really pleased with the way that it came out, and I like the 5 x 7 frame.

Dinky Dyes Designs

Here is a photo of the Dinky Dyes Designs completed and framed.
The one on the left is The Min Min, and the one on the right is Butterfly Garden.
These were completed in 2008 for my mother, and hang at her house.
It was the first time that I had stitched with Dinky Dyes threads.
It would have been nice if they had matched better in size, one is 115 x 115, the other is 85 x 85.

Charity from The Silver Lining

Here's a photo of "Charity" from The Silver Lining.
Again, done a while ago, hence the mushroom fabric, when there weren't many colors of fabric to choose from at the craft stores. It hangs at my mothers, and so does the Red Pansies design.

Red Pansies - The Silver Lining

Here's a photo of Red Pansies from The Silver Lining.
I completed it a long time ago, but it does prove that I did actually complete some of those flower patterns. Somewhere else on this blog are the photos of the flowers that I still have to finish.

Proof that I Stitched Mouline Rouge Twice

This was my first Long Dog Samplers design, Mouline Rouge.
The color was to match my bedroom drapes. I didn't get off to a good start, so this one became my mothers, and I did a second one for myself. The photo of the second one is also on this blog, and they look the same except for the initials.

St Sylvestre - Better Photo

A better photo of Long Dog's - St Sylvestre.
Still considering doing this pattern again for myself since this one is my mothers.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quilt Blocks And Cross Stitch

Still working on the quilt blocks at the moment. Need 192 to do the center, and I have 74 done, so I'm building the rest. It seems to go quickly.

Worked just a bit on the Matter's Choice pattern. I was just sick of seeing the quilt blocks, so it was a nice break.

And the new pattern hasn't shown up yet, so the race to complete the quilt and Matter's Choice is still on...