Monday, January 12, 2009

I Just Had To Start Another Project

Okay, I just couldn't stand it, and had to start a new project.
I've lost my mind, and couldn't finish Paradigm, don't want to think hard enough to work on St. Reatham, Twilight I only want to work on if I can get a whole page done, and the new Ink Circles design hasn't arrived in my mailbox yet.
I'd planned on trying something to use the teal suede mat that I got for $5. This is the dmc 3848 on 28 count China Pearl jobelan, one over one.
The pattern is Bonjour by Mariska.
Since the mat board is large, I'm planning on stitching the Coeurs pattern also by Mariska with the same thread and fabric. They should finish at about 9 1/2 x 12, but they aren't the same, and one is an inch larger.
I was searching for something that I wouldn't have to think about, and could just stitch without looking to change. So far I found two areas in the corner flower and leaves that I fixed to make symmetrical, and the mouse had three legs, which didn't make sense to me.
And I know that when the new designs comes in the mail, this will be set off to the side.
Officially I know I'm crazy for starting something else.
And I should be cutting out quilt pieces to have the borders ready to sew on that project.
Glad it's cold and snowing so I have to stay home.

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