Thursday, January 8, 2009

Matter's Choice Completed

Here is a photo of Matter's Choice from Carriage House Samplings.
It's my first completion for 2009. Finished it last night, and got it into the frame today. The frame is an 8 x 8, and I was going to put Miss Mary Mack into it, but Miss Mary Mack seems to need matting with this frame, so I'll try to find something slightly smaller for Mary.
I'm happy that Matter's Choice was able to fit so nicely.
I'm still not too thrilled with the results of the DMC 111 thread with this design. I tried to mirror the colors a bit in the pattern, and I thinks it would have been much worse if I had just used it randomly.
Maybe there is a trick that I just don't know.
Anybody willing to tell me the trick to using variegated floss?

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Susan said...

Another great finish!!