Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Race Is On

More progress on Bonjour. This is 10 days of stitching and less than 3 packs of dmc floss so far.
I got the email that the new Ink Circles design is in the mail to me, and I know that I'll have to be very close to done, or this one will be set aside. So now the race is on.

I'm also to the point that there are several things that I want to change in this pattern, and that will take extra time. I want to replace the chickens, probably with a rabbit. The area that is blank by the bug needs something different. I don't like the weird 'A' by the bug, and the long 'T' above it is too something next to the matching 'E'. And the windmill just doesn't work, it's just too plain or chunky. I'm a little bothered by the AETJ that are all lumped together, just looks a little clunky and squished together. None of that is there yet, and I can still change it or follow the pattern.

Things I've changed to far....
Added a few stitches to complete an 'E' above the acorns.
Added a few stitches to make the acorns look more like acorns.
Completed a leave in the string of leaves so the pattern didn't stop mid leaf.
Same thing with the string of flowers on both sides of the bar, and left out the stitch that attached the flowers to the bar.
Changed the front foot on the elephant.
Moved a few stitches in the left bottom corner design, but it's not stitched yet.
Added a few stitches to the rabbit's umbrella.
Moved the anchor to the right a couple of rows to fit the space better.

I just get to a point that I'm stitching and thinking - Just let me change that...

As to pattern errors, part of the side of the 'E' was missing completely, but obvious.
To me there have been a few 'extra' stitches, and looking at the design or letter before stitching lets you see them easily. So far, so good.

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Susan said...

Looks amazing!!!