Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Quilt Clips

It's the same pattern in both quilt clips. I wanted a pattern like this, and could never find a good one, so this was what I came up with. I tried looking at all of the 'hole in the barn door, monkey wrench, churn dash' patterns, but it just was never just right and everything still needed sashing or the block points would touch the next block points. I wanted to make the blocks, and have the sashing built as part of the block.
This is the result.

(Bottom Photo)
Mom wanted an all plaid quilt. It's all plaids. She got a wallhanging.

( Top Photo)
I bought a fabric kit to do a quilt, and then forgot what pattern you were suppose to use the kit with. So I had a fabric kit, but no pattern. So I made the top quilt with the flower background.
I never figured out what quilt that fabric was suppose to build, but I don't think that it could have been a much prettier quilt. The design floats nicely on the background fabric.
Again, no sashing, just block next to block. Very simple quilt to make.

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