Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pages 3 and 5 Completed

Finished pages 3 and 5 on the pattern.
Moving right along.

Had to start another project at 1:30 am. Too tired to stitch all the angles and risk a mistake, so I started the next project. I hate the fabric, but I think that it's going to work with the thread. So far I have the N and M stitched. It's on that Chai Tea Jobelan, which to me looks like it sat in rusty water.

Of course I thought it looked okay at 2am, and would work.
I'm afraid to look in the light of day.
I think I'm going to have to stitch a bit more area, and give it a chance.
Really like the pattern, just not sure about the color choices this time.
It's 5 x 10, so it's not a huge project, even if I'm wrong.

Still going to try to finish the Ink Circles pattern first, and not get sidetracked.
Photo when I finish the next page, probably sometime tomorrow.

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