Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quaker Study progress

Here's Quaker Study from Carriage House Samplings.
This is what got started in the middle of the night while doing the ink circle pattern...
This is the dmc version on Chai Tea 28 ct Jobelan. The fabric to me looks like it has rust stains on it, or was washed in rusty water, or dyed with rusty water. Pretty isn't a word that I would use to discribe the color. But it does work with this thread color quite well.
Yeah, everybody and their sister has already stitched this except for me....
I'd like to try it again in different colors, I like the pattern.
The graph is miserable tiny, and the symbols are much too alike to read easily, mostly on that center design. This is about 3 nights worth of stitching.

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