Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quilt Pin Wallhanging

Quilt Clip...
Again, not a great photo...
This was what I came up with because I needed a way to display quilt show pins.
Saw the simple star as part of a border or block in another quilt. Came up with my own design to offset the stars, and made them a size that the pin would fit into the white area and float slightly.
I was happy with result, and it works well because you can easily make it any size you need, with any number of stars... For example you could make it longer but only 5 stars wide...
The idea is that the quilt should display the pins, not showcase the quilt.

It would also work nicely as a simple signature quilt. You could make it as with as many stars as you needed. Something with only thirteen stars or something bed sized both work. Add borders as needed to balance the piece, and it's always going to look nice.

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