Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilting Design Experiment #1

Front and back of the latest finished quilt.
It went through a lot of ideas and possibilities...
We talked about a gold border. We talked about a floating narrow gold border frame. We talked about straight edges for the blocks. We talked about trailing off the blocks to one edge of the quilt.

It's kind of hard to believe that we ended up with this...
The thought in the end was 'simple is better'. Just float the flower field blocks.

We bought all the fabric that they had of this print, nearly the whole bolt, so we still have enough to try this experiment in quilting designs two more times. But not too soon, and we both consider this an experiment.

It was a success only because the quilt is finished and usable, and not still just a pile of fabric and an idea.
It's a queen sized, blanket sized. Uses the most beautiful truest black that I have ever seen. The black is made by the same company that made the fabric, and is much darker than any Amish black that I've ever been able to find. The brand name is "Blank". Yes, really, "Blank" if you are shopping for a really true black fabric.

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