Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clair de Lune - completed

Clair de Lune from Marjorie Massey.
28 count white evenweave, dmc 115, one over one.
Done in less than 24 hours.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

La Petite Brodeuse - complete

Here is La Petite Brodeuse from Anagram Diffusion.
28 count white evenweave with dmc 115, one over one.
I wanted the variation that the variegated thread would give her, and prefer it over a solid color.
Just love the pattern.

Got the magazine in the mail finally. Placed another order the next day, and picked up a couple of patterns that I've never seen before.

Just going to do another quick pattern before returning to the bigger stuff that I'm working on.
Should just take a day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Alphabet from La D Da

This is Alphabet from La-D-Da. They also have a pattern that is called La-D-Da Alphabet, just to be confusing. I've stitched it also.
This pattern called out 4 dmc colors, gray, gold, green, red. They looked nice together, but didn't look nice stitched together. I started the letters in gray, so there wasn't an option to start again.
The flowers are suppose to be gold, not red. Gold was dreary. The corners are suppose to be green with red, not red with green. I just tried to save the pattern by changing the colors.
Stitching it again, I'd do it in just a red and green, or green and a flower color of any kind.
It only takes two days to stitch, but for me the result was disappointing, even after switching as much as I could. More disappointing would have been staying with the colors called out on the pattern. I like La D Da patterns, but this one just isn't working for me. It was just stitched on a scrap of white, so $1.33 is the total cost plus the pattern. Maybe it will get a second try again.

I'm halfway done with the next small pattern, and happy with the result so far.
Doing a couple of small easy patterns to break between the larger patterns.

Got 2 out of 3 patterns in the mail. They skipped sending the magazine, but sent it the next day.
Yes, the magazine with the pattern for Growth Rings that is already completed because I bought a second copy from a LNS, is still not here, but is suppose to be in the mail.

The quilt was taken to the quilters Wednesday. The binding is done and waiting for it's return.

Simple layout of the sampler wall with what I have done still needs more completed and will probably be split into two groups, maybe three groups. The answer right now is that I need to have more done, and re-stitch one and put it into a plainer frame. It's a pattern that I still love, so stitching it a third time won't bother me, and it also only takes a couple of days to stitch.
So much to do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Growth Rings - Finished and Framed

Growth Rings pattern by Tracy Horner from Ink Circles, finished and framed.
25 count black lugana, Weeks Dye Works Whiskey floss, one over one.
Used 5 skeins of floss, 24 yards or so, 6 ply.
From the Just Cross Stitch March/April 2009 magazine.
Design area finished at 9 inches across.
Framed in a 12 x 12 frame 11.5 inch opening from Micheals on sale for $18.
Pattern corrections have been posted in the site, but are easy found as you stitch the pattern.
Lovely Pattern, and a pleasure to stitch it. Doing it in a single color was my choice and I'm very pleased with the results.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Mary Mack Gets Her Frame

Miss Mary Mack got her frame today. She's been waiting patiently for a long time.
She's at 4 1/2 inches, and an 8 inch frame was too big or would need a mat, a 5 inch frame too small, so she's been waiting...
I found this frame at Gordmans for $10, and it has a 7 inch opening.
It fits her nicely.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Growth Rings #7 - Nearly Done

This is 20 yards of floss if you are only using one color on 25 count lugana, one over one.
Looks like just one more will do it. Seems like the Cirque designs also used 25 yards of 6 strand floss. On 25 count the design measures exactly 9 inches across.

Today there are pattern corrections posted on the Ink Circles site for this pattern.
It takes care of the major misses, but there are still some single stitches to watch for if you are really fussy. I'm sure none of the singles stitch stuff would ever show once it was framed and on the wall.

Got the new floss and old patterns order. The plan is to use what I've got now, and not buy more.
Use it up, wear it out. I'm sure that I have enough to keep me stitching for the next year.
Some items were bought for specific patterns, some things I still have some creative choices and options open. The trick is to not get them mixed up.

I really want to start something new, but I'm trying to fight the urge till I complete a couple of projects.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Growth Rings #6

A little more progress on Growth Rings, enough to let me measure the design for a frame.
Two pages complete, two partial pages. Into my fourth skein of floss with this much completed.

To be really fussy, there are three extra stitched on one side of the pattern than the other, across two pages in the bottom arc. They weren't on the first page, so when they appeared on the design on the second page, I just skipped them.

I'd sure love to see this design in a solid dark red on white. The pattern is just strong enough to carry the design in a single solid color. I guess that's why I love her designs because they all have so many possibilities.

Got my missing order in the mail two days ago.
Another order, from another dealer says it has shipped yesterday, so I'll have more floss, and an old pattern that was on my list. Going to look for some basic white or antique white evenweave from the craft store today. Then my wish list is down to just a couple of things, so I have something to add to an order if something really neat is released.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Growth Rings #4

More progress on Growth Rings pattern from the recent issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

The close up photos really don't show what the color is in real life. To me, it always looks more orange or orange gold in photos, and it's not at all.

I'm really happy with the way the piece is coming out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Growth Rings #3

Enough of a completed section to get an idea of what the pattern will look like done in a single variegated floss. It should look nice with all of the other completed Cirque patterns.
I still love her patterns and they are a pleasure to stitch.

Received an email saying that my 'missing' pattern had been found and that my lost order is shipping today...

The quilt top is complete, just need to make the back. Lots of ironing, and one more seam,
then it goes off the the quilter.

Found more sajou type alphabets on a free site. 40 more books, only a couple of repeats of what is posted on the other site.

Started redrawing a 400 x 400 alphabet sampler adding back in the missing I's, W's, and X.
It's going to take a while, and it would probably be quicker to just work on designing my own pattern, so this will be my last total pattern redraw.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St Reatham continues on and on

A bit more progress on the Long Dog Pattern.
My scissors are off two stitches, and the candlestick and the star became separate instead of overlapping.

I emailed about my missing order, and it seems that the pattern that was brought back from market for me is now misplaced within her store... So I am waiting more than 3 weeks to get my order for items that were 'in-stock' items. It would have been nice if she had said something, or explained, instead of just waiting for me to notice or hoping that I didn't notice.

I finished redrawing the other pattern into a more readable / stitchable copy. That took three days. The pattern needs motifs added to balance it more. I know that they left spacing for peoples initials in their birth season, but I don't know that many people, so that pattern is still going to need more work at some point.

Just have 4 seams to do on the quilt to complete it, and it's taking me weeks, instead of hours.

Way too much time on the computer, but I found a blog with 43 of the Sajou type books with the patterns posted and download them. That's about 200 alphabets of different sizes and styles.
And she seems to still be adding more. I'll post the blog address in the comments if anybody asks.

There is a new project to try to lay out, and out of the 32 possible patterns, I found 10, which should be enough to work with as a test design. Just need some time to do it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Most of my time...

Most of my time over the last few days has been spent at the computer redrawing cross stitch patterns. I have one completed, and ready to stitch, it took a day.

I'm working on the next pattern now, which will remain nameless at the moment, but saying quaker seasonal would be a big hint... Some of the icons are just odd. A saxophone in winter, doesn't make sense to me... The summer area is pretty good with stars and a flag, and fish, and you can tell by the time autumn came around, they were out of ideas other than squirrels, leaves, and acorns. The is what appears to be a squished bug in the winter section, and an anorexic squirrel in the fall. The flamingo appears to have had some sort of head trauma...
What do you do with that??? I'm trying to just get away from the X's on graph paper that the pattern comes as, and generate something that is easier to read, and stitch from.
The second run through of this design will have me taking out lots of the just small filler stuff and replacing it with something more interesting. Most of the larger motifs are pretty nice.

There is another alphabet sampler that will also need to go through this process at some point, to add back in a few of the missing letters, but that's more for my preference than anything else.

It's all time spent that on $20+ patterns that shouldn't be necessary.

Poor product and customer service seems to be the standard in cross stitch.

I placed an order over the telephone, and order three patterns, that were all in stock in their store on Feb 17, and she said that they were a bit behind in shipping because of market, so not to expect it to ship until the following week.
I still haven't received the order yet as of March 7.
That's pretty sad customer service, when all they have to do is get it into an envelope and mail it.
It's 100% waiting on the store to send the order.... not suppliers, not distributors, it was all in stock.

I asked a different dealer about a pattern that she doesn't list on her site, but she does offer other patterns by that same designer. The designer has lots of patterns, the dealer is only showing 3.
I asked simply, is this pattern available to purchase through her, and how much if she can get it.
The dealer sends me back an email that makes me feel like it's really a pain that I'm asking her about something. I realize asking on a Friday isn't going to get me a response by Saturday morning about a product, but it doesn't make me want to buy from her, or support her, if she make me feel like asking her a question about a designer that she sells, is an inconvenience to her.
I'd rather take my money and business elsewhere.

And most people don't seem to be willing to talk about which dealers are treating customers well, and which ones are treating their customers poorly... like it's all some sort of a dirty little secret.
Instead we all get screwed over because nobody's talking about it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Challenge... Old Patterns #1

Okay, I put out the challenge to show a few of your early stitched pieces.
Framed, unframed, I don't care. Finished or just far along enough to get the idea, I don't care.
Just post a photo, or a few photos.
If you cross stitch and blog about cross stitching, let's see a photo or two.

There were some kind of odd patterns out there when I started stitching, and here are a few that I found in the drawer.

The dog and the little kid stuff was popular, I had a book of the Precious Moments patterns. Aida must have been available to me in two colors white and this color.

The church was from a P. Buckley Moss print design. Proving again that I tried to stitch more than I could get away with. I didn't remember getting this much of it done before giving up.
What made me really give up was stitching all the white snow surrounding the church on white aida. It all seemed just pointless, and frustrating. And with all those white on white stitches, I kept losing count.

I know that the sampler was from a cross stitch magazine, proving that I've always been pulled to samplers. I would have sworn that I had completed it. Finding it with really old masking tape to keep the edges from unraveling, not a pleasant site.

And the two clown patterns. I think those were both kits that included material, floss, the pattern, and even a large needle. They were probably pretty early in my stitching career.

I don't think that I have a clue what the first thing was that I cross stitched.
It may have been an a cross stitched stamped embroidery baby quilt with a large clown on it, and that may had lead to cross stitching on aida from kits. Guess that it's been too long ago for me to remember my first.

And there are a few more early projects below.

So what do you have???? Post 'em. Let's seem 'em. We've all got at least a couple of these in the drawers...

Old Patterns #2

This was another kit, done on aida.
I mail ordered this kit, and you had the option of buying that drab green mat and frame to go with it for more money.
You bet I did! It would be one less thing to have to figure out later.
I still kind of like it, and it also looks nice hanging on my green bedroom wall.
I think it was called something like Holiday Duck. I know that I still have the pattern laying around here somewhere. I never throw a pattern away.

Old Patterns #3

This was from a kit. That I'm sure of, again on aida.
This pattern is so old that I recently found it again on a site with just the center plaid bear, and the pattern was free.
He looks nice on my green wall.

Old Patterns #4 - Last one

This was an early - way over my head - pattern.
I'm sure it was from a book, and done on aida, 14 ct no less.
Proves I've been stupid enough to start big projects for a long time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

St Reatham Progress - 9 Days

Progress photo of St Reatham. I've been trying to keep track of how many days I've spent stitching on something and how much floss I use. This is 9 days.
I finished the numbers at the bottom right, and made them so they no longer overlap each other.
Finished D - G, and the motif below it, and all but one of those dogs in the top border.

Seems like I keep jumping from one project to another.

I saw a sampler that said -

Why is it when
I'm halfway through
Creative Joys diminish
It's more fun to start a piece
Than it ever is to finish

It was sure tempting to buy because we all feel this way about a project at some point.