Friday, April 24, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - On and On...

Scarlet Ribands goes on and on...
This is nearly 30 yards of floss, and thirteen days progress.
Decided to reverse the owls on the bottom ends to face the center instead of facing outward.
Only 20 more yards of floss left, and I'm betting that there isn't enough. Used 6 of the 10 so far.
Just trying to complete the lower border with the same dye lot, and balance in the next dye lot.

Just like the Weeks Bordeaux floss, this Weeks Strawberry Fields floss also seems to show a different color depending on the light and the time of day. I don't think that it would be as noticed if it were in a small design or mixed with other colors. I don't recall ever noticing that in any design that I've stitched with dmc floss.

I've been watching the old series 'Upstairs, Downstairs' as I stitch. Never saw it before, and it has been really enjoyable to watch. They had me hooked after the first series, and I'm starting the third series now. I expect that it will take me all 65 episodes to complete Scarlet Ribands.
Watching the special at the end of the first series did have a few too many spoilers in it, so I do know what to expect and wish that I didn't know what was coming. I don't like period shows as a rule, but I'm enjoying the series, and hope that I have the complete series.

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