Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - Still...

Yep, Still Scarlet Ribands.
Just over 35 yards of floss so far, or 7 - 5 yard skeins.
It measures out at 11 x 11.5 on 28 count evenweave, stitched one over one.
Changed the second owl to also face to the middle. Changed the top right motif to not have a triple side border stitches.
I'm getting really burnt out on stitching it, and really not doing much else. Stitching two motifs a day is a lot, but I keep trying to use up the floss and figure that I'll get a break if I have to order more floss. I can use a skein every other day, but that's really way too much stitching to be doing. Progress will probably start to slow down, there are just other things to do.

Still watching Upstairs Downstairs. I only have the end of series 5 to watch yet.
It's been one of the most interesting series I've ever watched, and I'm totally hooked on the characters. It stands the test of time well considering it's a period series done in the 1970's.
Series 5 hasn't been my favorite, but I think in the first four series that every episode was a winner in some way or another. The election episode was the first clunker for me, but the fact I got to series 5 before I got a clunker says a lot about a series. Now I'm close enough to the end of the series that I'll hang with them to the end, and watch that reunion / anniversary show again.
Wish that I could have seen the spin-off series, as they also were great characters.
If you want to watch a good series, try the first four episodes of the series, to get a feel for it.
By then you'll either be hooked or have no interest in it. The first episodes are black and white because of some labor issue or something where it was filmed at the time which makes the show seem older than it is. It's doesn't take too many episodes before they are all in color.
I can't imagine what it would have been like to have had to have waited a week between episodes. It's easy to see that it would have been something that everybody would have been talking about. As a rule, I always say that I hate period dramas, but this and Lost In Austen have totally made me break that rule this year.
Never say never.

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