Saturday, May 30, 2009

AMAP Elena - Finished

Woo-Hoo! Elena is finished.
Takes just short of 25 yards of floss. I use down to the last inch of each strand of floss as I stitch, and have every little waste. I had one length - 18 inches - 6 strands left over.
28 count evenweave, one over one. Weeks Dye Works - Bordeaux floss.
Finished out at approx. 8 x 12.

I added a few diamonds, a bird, the flower motifs below the heart band on the right bottom side.
Moved the letters around, and tightened them up on the left side of the main birds. Had room to add the simple sample band above them. Seems much more balanced now than the original pattern. Flipped the acorns and added them to the main birds. There are hearts oddly placed on the original pattern. Added the little diamond to the laurel wreath verses the heart.

Seems like the spacing of objects is different at the top of the pattern verses the bottom of the pattern. But the heavier bottom seems to balance the pattern. But maybe I felt the bottom wasn't balanced enough, and that was why I felt the need to add little things to fill in some gaps.
The gaps just felt oddly spaced to me on the original pattern bottom.

I'm happy with the results of the changes I've made. Glad to actually get something finished.

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