Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elena - Nearly Done

Elena is nearly done.
One open section, and one border band on the bottom right yet to do.
I'm changing the border band to something different.
Added the year, altered the top stacked birds just slightly. Love the little flower border band on the right side. Still need to make final decisions about some small areas yet.
I think that I can see the end to this pattern now. Not sure if 25 yards of floss will be enough or not. I think it will be under 30 yards total.

Got the new floss in the mail today. Started redrawing for the text alteration in the Long Dog pattern yesterday. That is going to take a while.

Got the quilt back from the quilter on Monday, so I want to put the binding on it. Want to check into the next quilt project idea. Can't seem to find the a quilt show photo that I'm looking for.
Don't know if it's a real photo, or a digital photo I'm looking for. Can't seem to find a quilt book either. It's actually possible that the quilt book got put away, but nothing else has lately.
Going to need to stop to organize, just so I can find things.

Ordered the new Lejeune Alphabet Bible book from the Mad Sampler Book Company on Monday. Mad Sampler Book Company is a pleasure to deal with, and shipped me the book the very next morning. This is my second order from her, and I'd recommend her site to anybody at this point.

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