Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elena Sampler - Lower Half

Still working on the Elena Sampler from A Mon Ami Pierre.
Changed the side clover border. Changed the bottom right hand border to mirror the left side.
Removed two alphabet letters so that I could space the alphabet line the same. It was four stitches between rows, then one row with 6 stitches between rows, and then back to 4 stitches between rows. Changed the way the deer bodies are. The deer heads still look the same as the birds heads to me, but that's the pattern.
The little paper doll children is a nice pattern.

Want to replace on sampler band with something completely different.
At least the top is done, and the bottom is nearly completed. Just need to fill in an alphabet on both sides and it will be finished.

Still haven't done the layouts for the changes in the other patterns yet.

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