Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Red and The Black - The Red

The Red and The Black, after adding the red.
This photo is a little more accurate to what it looks like. A really white - white 28 count jobelan, with dmc 310 black, and dmc 718. 718 isn't the recommended red, but I felt that a darker red would blend into the black, and I wanted the red to 'pop'. This 'pops' without glowing.
I was worried that adding the red would actually make me like the pattern less, but I'm happy with the color combination.
Just needed a short break from the Long Dog patterns.

Finished watching Upstairs Downstairs. Good series, and I wanted to watch the first few episodes again. But I couldn't watch the first of the series without feeling that the characters had grown so much. Somehow, I just couldn't watch the beginning of the series again. Probably just too soon, but I'll watch it all again someday.

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