Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Four Pages Complete

Done with the last row or bottom 4 pages. 80 of the 384 squares completed.
It's an easy stitch, although where it appears just black, it's actually made up of 4 different grays.

Started to stitch more on the C30 alphabet, but I noticed that the 'V' is missing from the large alphabet, so I'm going to try to work it back into the pattern, so it will need to be drawn to get it right.

I have enough drawn out on Scarlet Ribands to stitch areas again. Hopefully that will be the next photo. Still not done with the design, but it's getting pretty close.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Multiplication Table - Finished

Finished! It's over 90 degrees inside my house today, so ironing this is out of the question till another day. My version of the pattern Multiplication Sampler from Historical Sampler Company.
It took one 18 inch thread over 20 yards of floss. One over one, Weeks Dye Works Bordeaux floss, 28 count antique white jobelan.
I'm not too sure that I trust my floss count, I might have used 5 more yards.
Design area finished at 9 x 11 3/4. An 11 x 14 frame should be just right, you'd think that I planned that all along.

So good to have finished a project. Just need to finish a couple more before starting anything else. Just put the other stuff I have under lock and key if that's what it takes....

Still have 6 major projects going that need to be finish.
Mystery project, Paradigm Lost, Bonjour, St Reatham, C30 Alphabet, Scarlet Ribands/Lost in Austen, not to mention Twilight. Hummmm, which one is the easy one to work on... That's easy to answer, and probably next to finish.

Meet Josette

Meet Josette. Ain't she sweet?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weight and Balance

Weight and balance in a design always seem important to me. Having finished the right hand side, but not the left side, makes this pattern feel way out of balance at the moment.

I expanded the corner motif to make it larger, and also using eight ranks of nobility instead of six.
I used the same type size, but the type font is probably slightly too heavy for the pattern.
It's hard to tell that while you are drawing it, or before you stitch it.

The top corners will balance out the trees at the bottom nicely, and so the weight of the type font might be passable, but it does lighten up the text at the top center, and also the multiplication table. At this point, I can see the end, and just need to finish stitching it.

I altered the crowns to all be different, yet start with the same base, and end the same height.
The design does have another line at the bottom, hearts and wrought by, that will be omitted.
That should allow the design to be framed into a 11 x 14 frame nicely.
The left side will have King, Queen, Prince and Duke. My head always expects to see King, Queen, Jack.... Ace maybe... I suppose games of card have been in my life more often then nobility ranks. And I used the french version to spell Marquis, because the preferred version is Marquess, which doesn't fit into the pattern. Some things just have to adjust and adapt.

And you're right, the other pattern does look like a hand, or at least a wrist...., but the multiplication sampler will have to be finished first. Maybe I'll be done with this by Monday.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Couldn't Resist - Part 2

This has been the focus of my stitching for a couple of days.
There are 16 pages, and I've completed pages 15 and 16.
And I can see that the design is starting to show.

I finished enough changes on the multiplication sampler to work on it tonight.
Progress is progress, and it doesn't matter which pattern it is on.
Expect me to be switching from pattern to pattern in the near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

C30 Alphabets - More

Just a bit more on the C30 Alphabets pattern. The more I stitch this, the more I like this pattern. Got distracted by all the free internet patterns, but I'm back on track to stitching. I really need to just finish up what I have started. Of course, that's easy to say after just starting another pattern two days ago. Now I just can't seem to stitch fast enough.
The SAL that is also doing this pattern is working on the part that I haven't stitched yet.
Even in a SAL, I can't manage to just follow the directions, and stitch with the group.

Still need to finish add and changes to the other things I'm stitching. I guess that's the price I pay for wandering away from the original patterns.

I placed an order for floss, and lugana May 25. I just got an e-mail saying one of the materials is gone back-order, but they are going to send me the rest. I'm sure that I have enough projects going that it will be a while before I get to the next pattern that I wanted the material for.
Three weeks, and I'm still waiting for an order, but most of it might be on the way soon.
At least it was all on sale. I don't mind waiting as much when I didn't pay full price for everything. It's that 'pay full price, and wait for a month' for my order, that drives me crazy.

On the other hand, yesterday while printing out patterns, my printer ran out of ink. I compared ordering a cartridge on-line, $58 with free shipping, verses buying it locally for $71 including sales tax.
I'm cheap, and that $13 differance is a lot of dmc floss, so I ordered it. Free shipping is 7 - 10 days, so I was really surprised to see the FedEx truck at my house less than 24 hours later with my new ink cartridge. Amazed is probably a better word to use.
Buy.com had amazing service, and since amazing service is a rare thing, I'm more than happy to mention my experience with them. I've bought from them before, but not for a couple of years. But I do try to price compare to them. Sometimes, they are the better deal.

And the other printer is also out of ink. And the dvd player crapped out, which is the second one to crap out in less than two months. But thanks to the internet, the second dvd player problem is a common problem with that model, and can be easily fixed for just the price of a new capacitor that I can solder in myself.
Gotta love the internet - free fixes, free patterns, free shipping.

Just Couldn't Resist

Just couldn't resist trying this pattern...
I'm not going to name it, and it will be fun to watch it develop into a recognizable design... ( hopefully ). It only has white, black, and grays. It has 384 squares, and this is about 16 completed. Long way to go.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Why is it when the power goes off, every measurement and stitch count, and floss number that you need to know, is on the computer???

Friday, June 12, 2009

C30 Alphabets - Borders

Kind of stuck on the rest of the Scarlet Ribands layout and changes. The changes just aren't balanced, so it will be a day or two to figure it out. Try a different combination again.

I'm stitching on this at the end of the day. The border that I thought was going to take forever actually stitches quickly. I might not feel that way later, there is still a lot of border to stitch.
This is about a quarter of the total pattern.

I like the color of the floss, but I don't care for the way it stitches as a single thread. I'm on at least the second or third skein. I don't know a word to describe what I don't like about it.
I just have to remember that I certainly wouldn't want to use it for a large project.
Some threads don't lay easily into position, some are cottony, and don't leave clean edges in the pattern or stitches. It's not something that you notice at all if the thread is good, and something you notice constantly when your stitches don't just flow into place.

And thank you Bliss for your nice comment. You'll have to explain how you can keep so many projects going and not go crazy. I'd have floss lost in the sofa, I'd be grabbing floss from the wrong project, or probably more truthful, not be able to find the floss that I was using with a project. Seems like every project would have it's own little set of floss....
I just can't imagine how you do it...
( And don't those people with 50 projects or more started scare you a little bit too??? )

Monday, June 8, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - Still Continues

Great progress for only a couple of days. It's getting to the point that I can see the end now.
But I don't want to get in a hurry and goof it up by just trying to find something that fits into the space. So close, but yet, so far to go.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - The Alternate Version

Here's the progress of Scarlet Ribands, the Lost In Austen alternative version.
The top half is nearly completed. A few stitches here and there to fill for balance yet.

The 'love conquers all' text in the pattern hasn't ever work for me. It's certainly never been true in my life, and I couldn't bring myself to stitch it into a sampler.

Lost In Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, all seem to keep popping up everywhere in my life, so it's become the theme for the changes. Everybody seems to cover Jane Austen pretty well, so Lost in Austen seemed a nice alternative for the text. Darcy quotes seemed like the best idea, but I'm considering the single quote from Amanda - I Love The Love Story...
So far I have four quotes in the design, and just haven't committed to the fifth.

I'm sure some people would feel it's a shame to alter a nice Long Dog pattern. I wanted to see how much you could alter an existing pattern, by changing, and adding things, and still not lose the original pattern. Personalize it, rather than match the 1000 other stitched exactly the same.

I'm sure by drawing it all completely first, I could have balanced the pattern slightly better. A motif two stitches up would have helped a couple of times. But by then I'd already stitched out the original pattern so that those kinds of changes weren't an option any longer. Changing and adding as you stitch, leaves you fewer options. Changing text is a perspective challenge. It looks really large when it is drawn out on the paper and dominates the page. After it is stitched, it seems to blend into the pattern. For my eye, it works, at least to this point of my changes.

Friday, June 5, 2009

C30 Alphabets - progress

Progress after a couple more days of stitching. It stitches really quickly. I can already see that the border will take forever and eat floss. This is 4 yards so far.
Been following the pattern, a few stitch changes in the littlest alphabet, nothing to write about.
Did fix one stitch in the border section, just seemed to be an extra stitch on the pattern.

Started stitching the new additions to Scarlet Ribands tonight. At least I'm committing to changing the text, and altering the pattern. Still not done with the changes, but I'm going to stitch the sections that the alterations are complete. There's enough to keep me stitching a day or two.

Finally found the quilt show photo that I was looking for. I had a few fabrics that I'd hoped to use, but I can't picture my fabric with that pattern. So that project idea is going to go nowhere.
I'm sure there will be another project idea soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

C30 Alphabets - Le Passe Compose

The beginning of C30 Alphabets from Le Passe Compose - Marjorie Massey.
On 25 count black lugana. One over one, using Gentle Art Simply Shaker - Summer Shower.
I was hoping that the floss would seem like brushed silver or gray against the black. It has a little bit too much blue in it, and really pops the blue more in the blue hoop.

Lisa at frenchneedlework.com was helpful enough to get me this pattern, and now sells it on her site.
There is a SAL in progress at http://naths.over-blog.com
I'm trying to catch up at the moment, but I'm not sure that I'll follow along.
Already changed the 'G' to a slightly different style...

Decided to put away the Swiss Topiary pattern, and that I'd rather save the floss for another pattern. Too many other things that I'd rather work on, or finish at the moment.

Nearly done with altering the Long Dog pattern to include the new text. I have the rest of the floss now, and it looks like a good match. Since so much of the pattern is already stitch, I can start to fill it in, even if I'm not completely done with the new text. Seems like some days it just flows into place, other days you have to force it, and it will never seem to fit.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finished Mom's Quilt

Photo of the latest quilt finished. The Newport Beach pattern from Judy Martin's book 'Scraps'.
Great shadow effect to make the color blocks appear to 'float'.
I think this is the first quilt that I've done with a pieced border.
Mom's color choices, my spare background fabric. Colors mostly chosen by the Manchester Quilt store lady, since mom liked the version that was her store sample, we asked her to add to what we were starting with.
Mom did the final block layout. I just stitched the blocks, and the blocks together, and did the binding. Her quilt, not mine.