Friday, June 12, 2009

C30 Alphabets - Borders

Kind of stuck on the rest of the Scarlet Ribands layout and changes. The changes just aren't balanced, so it will be a day or two to figure it out. Try a different combination again.

I'm stitching on this at the end of the day. The border that I thought was going to take forever actually stitches quickly. I might not feel that way later, there is still a lot of border to stitch.
This is about a quarter of the total pattern.

I like the color of the floss, but I don't care for the way it stitches as a single thread. I'm on at least the second or third skein. I don't know a word to describe what I don't like about it.
I just have to remember that I certainly wouldn't want to use it for a large project.
Some threads don't lay easily into position, some are cottony, and don't leave clean edges in the pattern or stitches. It's not something that you notice at all if the thread is good, and something you notice constantly when your stitches don't just flow into place.

And thank you Bliss for your nice comment. You'll have to explain how you can keep so many projects going and not go crazy. I'd have floss lost in the sofa, I'd be grabbing floss from the wrong project, or probably more truthful, not be able to find the floss that I was using with a project. Seems like every project would have it's own little set of floss....
I just can't imagine how you do it...
( And don't those people with 50 projects or more started scare you a little bit too??? )

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