Wednesday, June 3, 2009

C30 Alphabets - Le Passe Compose

The beginning of C30 Alphabets from Le Passe Compose - Marjorie Massey.
On 25 count black lugana. One over one, using Gentle Art Simply Shaker - Summer Shower.
I was hoping that the floss would seem like brushed silver or gray against the black. It has a little bit too much blue in it, and really pops the blue more in the blue hoop.

Lisa at was helpful enough to get me this pattern, and now sells it on her site.
There is a SAL in progress at
I'm trying to catch up at the moment, but I'm not sure that I'll follow along.
Already changed the 'G' to a slightly different style...

Decided to put away the Swiss Topiary pattern, and that I'd rather save the floss for another pattern. Too many other things that I'd rather work on, or finish at the moment.

Nearly done with altering the Long Dog pattern to include the new text. I have the rest of the floss now, and it looks like a good match. Since so much of the pattern is already stitch, I can start to fill it in, even if I'm not completely done with the new text. Seems like some days it just flows into place, other days you have to force it, and it will never seem to fit.

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