Friday, June 5, 2009

C30 Alphabets - progress

Progress after a couple more days of stitching. It stitches really quickly. I can already see that the border will take forever and eat floss. This is 4 yards so far.
Been following the pattern, a few stitch changes in the littlest alphabet, nothing to write about.
Did fix one stitch in the border section, just seemed to be an extra stitch on the pattern.

Started stitching the new additions to Scarlet Ribands tonight. At least I'm committing to changing the text, and altering the pattern. Still not done with the changes, but I'm going to stitch the sections that the alterations are complete. There's enough to keep me stitching a day or two.

Finally found the quilt show photo that I was looking for. I had a few fabrics that I'd hoped to use, but I can't picture my fabric with that pattern. So that project idea is going to go nowhere.
I'm sure there will be another project idea soon.

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