Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Multiplication Table - Finished

Finished! It's over 90 degrees inside my house today, so ironing this is out of the question till another day. My version of the pattern Multiplication Sampler from Historical Sampler Company.
It took one 18 inch thread over 20 yards of floss. One over one, Weeks Dye Works Bordeaux floss, 28 count antique white jobelan.
I'm not too sure that I trust my floss count, I might have used 5 more yards.
Design area finished at 9 x 11 3/4. An 11 x 14 frame should be just right, you'd think that I planned that all along.

So good to have finished a project. Just need to finish a couple more before starting anything else. Just put the other stuff I have under lock and key if that's what it takes....

Still have 6 major projects going that need to be finish.
Mystery project, Paradigm Lost, Bonjour, St Reatham, C30 Alphabet, Scarlet Ribands/Lost in Austen, not to mention Twilight. Hummmm, which one is the easy one to work on... That's easy to answer, and probably next to finish.

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