Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - The Alternate Version

Here's the progress of Scarlet Ribands, the Lost In Austen alternative version.
The top half is nearly completed. A few stitches here and there to fill for balance yet.

The 'love conquers all' text in the pattern hasn't ever work for me. It's certainly never been true in my life, and I couldn't bring myself to stitch it into a sampler.

Lost In Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, all seem to keep popping up everywhere in my life, so it's become the theme for the changes. Everybody seems to cover Jane Austen pretty well, so Lost in Austen seemed a nice alternative for the text. Darcy quotes seemed like the best idea, but I'm considering the single quote from Amanda - I Love The Love Story...
So far I have four quotes in the design, and just haven't committed to the fifth.

I'm sure some people would feel it's a shame to alter a nice Long Dog pattern. I wanted to see how much you could alter an existing pattern, by changing, and adding things, and still not lose the original pattern. Personalize it, rather than match the 1000 other stitched exactly the same.

I'm sure by drawing it all completely first, I could have balanced the pattern slightly better. A motif two stitches up would have helped a couple of times. But by then I'd already stitched out the original pattern so that those kinds of changes weren't an option any longer. Changing and adding as you stitch, leaves you fewer options. Changing text is a perspective challenge. It looks really large when it is drawn out on the paper and dominates the page. After it is stitched, it seems to blend into the pattern. For my eye, it works, at least to this point of my changes.

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