Friday, June 19, 2009

Weight and Balance

Weight and balance in a design always seem important to me. Having finished the right hand side, but not the left side, makes this pattern feel way out of balance at the moment.

I expanded the corner motif to make it larger, and also using eight ranks of nobility instead of six.
I used the same type size, but the type font is probably slightly too heavy for the pattern.
It's hard to tell that while you are drawing it, or before you stitch it.

The top corners will balance out the trees at the bottom nicely, and so the weight of the type font might be passable, but it does lighten up the text at the top center, and also the multiplication table. At this point, I can see the end, and just need to finish stitching it.

I altered the crowns to all be different, yet start with the same base, and end the same height.
The design does have another line at the bottom, hearts and wrought by, that will be omitted.
That should allow the design to be framed into a 11 x 14 frame nicely.
The left side will have King, Queen, Prince and Duke. My head always expects to see King, Queen, Jack.... Ace maybe... I suppose games of card have been in my life more often then nobility ranks. And I used the french version to spell Marquis, because the preferred version is Marquess, which doesn't fit into the pattern. Some things just have to adjust and adapt.

And you're right, the other pattern does look like a hand, or at least a wrist...., but the multiplication sampler will have to be finished first. Maybe I'll be done with this by Monday.

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