Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scarlet Ribands - Lost In Austen - Finished

Fresh from the still warm needle...
Scarlet Ribands, the Lost In Austen version, is finished.

I'm happy with the results. I've learned a lot from trying to make all these changes to a pattern.
If you want to change a pattern, you need a plan. I had an idea, but not much of a plan.
In the end, I drew the entire pattern out to make changes, and get the spacing correct.
By the time I was adding the last sections, I was spacing things tighter than the original pattern does. So to me, the bottom of the design feels heavier than the top. But weight at the bottom of the design still feels okay.

A lot was changed from the original pattern, and a lot stayed stitch for stitch to the pattern.
Text changed completely to dialog from the Lost In Austen series. The text is all lines from Mr. Darcy.
At this point, I have to look at both versions to know exactly what I've changed.
Little things like hearts were removed, except two, the windmill, butterflies and mice are gone. Some things just were shifted, some things came from other sources.

There are things I wish I had done differently, but once something it stitched, you are committed to that placement. Which goes back to having a full plan.

But this is my first project to attempt to make so many changes to a pattern.
And I'm sure that it won't be the last time.
I'm sure some people will hate that I changed the original pattern, but I truly love Long Dog Samplers, and have a great deal of respect for her designs.

Finished at 10 3/4 W x 11 1/2 H. Used nearly 50 yards of 6 strand floss. Done one over one, on 28 count white evenweave, with Weeks Dye Works Strawberry Fields floss.

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