Friday, August 28, 2009

Winter Sampler from LHN

Winter Sampler from Little House Needleworks.
Stitched on 28 count with the silks provided.
Thought that the white would show on this jobelan, but it didn't, so I went to pink and red candy canes. Omitted the zig zag at the top of the pattern. Changed the white snowflakes to red, and corrected the M-P letters up a row.
Finished at 2 1/2 x 3 3/4.
There was enough thread to complete this pattern three more times if I want to try it again on different material. Stitched one over one.
Took two nights of stitching from start to finish.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Stitching St Reatham

Still stitching St Reatham from Long Dog Samplers.
There are still a couple of things I want to change.
I still can't see the end to this yet. Just trying to keep at it, and fill it in.

Monday, August 24, 2009

And One More

Another one framed for less than $6

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One More Framed

Weird shadowed photo, but it is framed. Photos from the kitchen table on a sunny day aren't a good idea.
11 x 14 frame from Gordman's.
Total cost to frame $15.

Three More Framed

Three More Framed.
Frederick was $12 to frame, and I have another frame for Fredericka so they will match.
I just haven't stitched Frederika yet. The extra cost was the replacement glass.
The small Marjorie Massey design was $4.
The AMAP was $6 to frame.
The AMAP frame was a sale frame that cost $8, marked down to $4, and an extra 33% off that... Great deal.
The frames are all from Gordman's. Really pleased with the frames from there.

Not great photo's, and they aren't going to all hang together.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

St Reatham - It Just Never Ends

St Reatham. It's been an odd project. Sometimes it has taken be 3 days to use 8 yard of floss.
Sometimes it has taken me a month to use 8 yards of floss. I'm pretty sure that there are a million stitches in this pattern. Okay, maybe not a million, but it sure feels like it's a million.
According to Long Dog Samplers, there are 52,331 stitches.
There is only the partial motif, and the single remaining motif to stitch. Probably another week yet to finish this. Maybe more.

Two Done, Eleven To Go

Made the list of projects that need frames. There were 13 finished or nearly finished projects needing frames. These would have fallen at the bottom of the list as very low priority to frame, but naturally, they were the only two that I found frames for. Both frames are from Wallyworld, top frame $5, bottom from $3, so the total to frame these two was $8. At least I'm staying in budget.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Creeping Along

Still creeping along on St Reatham.
Just had to move the hoop. Finished the birds on the right side, and some stitching at the top.
The large motif is split down the middle between pages, and for some reason, it's taking me forever to make any progress. It would be nice to get the alphabet completed also.
Needed to measure it again, so any excuse to get it out of the hoop seemed good.

Home from Bent Creek

Home from Bent Creek.
Changed the house to yellow, and the roof to black. Left off the red chimneys.
The door is blue. Used DMC floss. Done on 28 count jobelan, one over one.
Finished size is 2 3/4 by4.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MC Escher Cross Stitch Pattern Information

This is what I have found for cross stitch patterns for MC Escher.

ES-04 Waterfall
ES-05 Heaven and Hell - ( Circle Limit IV )
ES-07 Bond Of Union
ES-08 Hand With Reflecting Globe ( Hand with Reflecting Sphere )
ES-09 Belvedere
ES-10 Gallery ( Print Gallery )
ES-12 Portrait of an Engineer
ES-13 Butterflies
ES-15 Mosaic ( Plane Filling II )
ES-19 Day and Night
ES-20 Drawing Hands
ES-22 Reptiles
ES-24 St. Peter's Rome ( Inside St. Peter's )
ES-25 Relativity
Es-26 Circle Limit III
ES-27 Above and Below ( Up and Down )
ES-28 Balcony
Three Worlds
Sky and Water I

The ES patterns were done 2000 - 2002 by Cross Stitch Collectibles, but they don't list them anymore on their site.
I'm told that there were 30 patterns, so I'd still like to know what other patterns were released from Cross Stitch Collectibles.

The only pattern that I have found that is still available to order is 'Portrait of an Engineer'
from this web site.
To see that site and if the pattern is still there - click HERE.
( In April 2013 they were dumping off the patterns for 1.90 Euros - shipping will cost more than that... )
The link wasn't working - so if you get to the site - use the search box for 'escher', and it will come up then if they still are offering that pattern.
I don't know much about the company, but I do know that they did send the pattern, and it shipped the next day to the United States. Since it was on sale, even with the shipping cost, I considered it a good deal.
As of Sept 2015, the pattern is still listed as available and the link was working again.

Of course, there are people making patterns to sell that include several other designs, but I'm not including those in this list.

I'm not really interested in other versions of his designs, whether they are licensed or not. I'm not promoting buying from any dealer. I deleted the comment from this entry currently trying to push his patterns. From the IP address, which just happened to be located in the dealers city, it was pretty obvious. Sadly, they misspelled the word "liscensed".
I only can hope that the person commenting doesn't actually work for the company...
If you would like to promote a product or dealer, do it on your own blog or website, and please consider using a dictionary.

My interest is limited to the patterns that were produced by Cross Stitch Collectibles.

Still looking for more information, but will update this as I find more.
- last updated Sept. 2015

So far I've completed stitching the following patterns - Click on photo to see finished and/or framed.
ES-08 Hand with Reflecting Globe ( Photo )
ES-15 Mosaic ( Photo )
ES-12 Portrait of An Engineer ( Photo )
ES-20 Drawing Hands - ( Photo )
ES-22 Reptiles - ( Photo )

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is That Ivory or Antique Ivory, or Beige or Lambswool

When you have white, you need beige. When you have beige, you need lambswool.
When you order bone, it arrives, and you don't think it will work for any project.
And the last order didn't have names on the fabric, so I compared it to the dmc numbers, but naturally, some dmc numbers will match several fabrics, and other fabrics don't match the dmc numbers at all. Cameo, verses Cameo Peach. It's all so confusing.
Choices, it's all about having choices for projects.
Ordering more of a beautiful fabric, when you don't know what color they sent because it wasn't tagged is interesting. I really don't know if several of these are tagged right or not.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

St Reatham is filling in slowly

More progress on St Reatham from Long Dog Samplers.

For some reason it has been just a pleasure to stitch on this pattern again. I'm trying to finish the started motifs so that if I end up changing dye lots of the thread, it won't be in the middle of a motif, or worse, several motifs.

I cut off the little curly q's off of the motif above the WX. It's an odd motif to stitch, and it's not symmetrical. I didn't mess with the way it fits into the space.

Still lots of empty space to stitch.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Bit Of Organizing

Tonight I organized my cross stitch patterns.

I've gotten the floss to flow towards the proper projects.
I have a 'completed patterns' container, so I'm not sorting through the same things over and over.
I've marked my fabric with the proper color names.

I tossed some of the patterns that I had printed. Stuff that I'd never stitch.

It was a good experience, and showed me that I have more than enough to stitch without buying anything else. Like everyone, I have a mental short list of the projects I want to stitch that is constantly changing. But, out of sight, is out of mind, so it was a nice review to see what I had again.

I want to not have so many projects incomplete, so it's still the goal at the moment to finish the current projects, and maybe toss in the small project for my mother just to break it up.

It's also getting to the point that I'd like to get the completed stitching into frames.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Frederick is Finished

Frederick from Carriage House Samplings is finished.

Changed the color placement in the border to be random. Changed the color on the bird's back to make the diamond pattern show, which added to the pattern. Mirrored the bottom flowers. Omitted the arrows on the heart. Changed the top left leaf to color match other leaves.

Still working on my stack of unfinished projects. C30 Alphabet, St Reatham, Escher, Paradigm Lost, Twilight, Bonjour, all multi-page patterns, still to finish.

Stitched on 28 count Jobelan, Dusty Green / Olive Green, with the recommended DMC colors.
Frederika will be stitched on the same fabric.