Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Bit Of Organizing

Tonight I organized my cross stitch patterns.

I've gotten the floss to flow towards the proper projects.
I have a 'completed patterns' container, so I'm not sorting through the same things over and over.
I've marked my fabric with the proper color names.

I tossed some of the patterns that I had printed. Stuff that I'd never stitch.

It was a good experience, and showed me that I have more than enough to stitch without buying anything else. Like everyone, I have a mental short list of the projects I want to stitch that is constantly changing. But, out of sight, is out of mind, so it was a nice review to see what I had again.

I want to not have so many projects incomplete, so it's still the goal at the moment to finish the current projects, and maybe toss in the small project for my mother just to break it up.

It's also getting to the point that I'd like to get the completed stitching into frames.

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