Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MC Escher Cross Stitch Pattern Information

This is what I have found for cross stitch patterns for MC Escher.

ES-04 Waterfall
ES-05 Heaven and Hell - ( Circle Limit IV )
ES-07 Bond Of Union
ES-08 Hand With Reflecting Globe ( Hand with Reflecting Sphere )
ES-09 Belvedere
ES-10 Gallery ( Print Gallery )
ES-12 Portrait of an Engineer
ES-13 Butterflies
ES-15 Mosaic ( Plane Filling II )
ES-19 Day and Night
ES-20 Drawing Hands
ES-22 Reptiles
ES-24 St. Peter's Rome ( Inside St. Peter's )
ES-25 Relativity
Es-26 Circle Limit III
ES-27 Above and Below ( Up and Down )
ES-28 Balcony
Three Worlds
Sky and Water I

The ES patterns were done 2000 - 2002 by Cross Stitch Collectibles, but they don't list them anymore on their site.
I'm told that there were 30 patterns, so I'd still like to know what other patterns were released from Cross Stitch Collectibles.

The only pattern that I have found that is still available to order is 'Portrait of an Engineer'
from this web site.
To see that site and if the pattern is still there - click HERE.
( In April 2013 they were dumping off the patterns for 1.90 Euros - shipping will cost more than that... )
The link wasn't working - so if you get to the site - use the search box for 'escher', and it will come up then if they still are offering that pattern.
I don't know much about the company, but I do know that they did send the pattern, and it shipped the next day to the United States. Since it was on sale, even with the shipping cost, I considered it a good deal.
As of Sept 2015, the pattern is still listed as available and the link was working again.

Of course, there are people making patterns to sell that include several other designs, but I'm not including those in this list.

I'm not really interested in other versions of his designs, whether they are licensed or not. I'm not promoting buying from any dealer. I deleted the comment from this entry currently trying to push his patterns. From the IP address, which just happened to be located in the dealers city, it was pretty obvious. Sadly, they misspelled the word "liscensed".
I only can hope that the person commenting doesn't actually work for the company...
If you would like to promote a product or dealer, do it on your own blog or website, and please consider using a dictionary.

My interest is limited to the patterns that were produced by Cross Stitch Collectibles.

Still looking for more information, but will update this as I find more.
- last updated Sept. 2015

So far I've completed stitching the following patterns - Click on photo to see finished and/or framed.
ES-08 Hand with Reflecting Globe ( Photo )
ES-15 Mosaic ( Photo )
ES-12 Portrait of An Engineer ( Photo )
ES-20 Drawing Hands - ( Photo )
ES-22 Reptiles - ( Photo )

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