Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is That Ivory or Antique Ivory, or Beige or Lambswool

When you have white, you need beige. When you have beige, you need lambswool.
When you order bone, it arrives, and you don't think it will work for any project.
And the last order didn't have names on the fabric, so I compared it to the dmc numbers, but naturally, some dmc numbers will match several fabrics, and other fabrics don't match the dmc numbers at all. Cameo, verses Cameo Peach. It's all so confusing.
Choices, it's all about having choices for projects.
Ordering more of a beautiful fabric, when you don't know what color they sent because it wasn't tagged is interesting. I really don't know if several of these are tagged right or not.

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Susan said...

Hmmm might have to order a small piece of that natural light to check it out.
Fabric heaven!!!